I remember a remarkable story from last year – we made patheric effort to sneak in one of our shelter pups to be the doggie star of pupular TV Show Lords of the broadcast. We were hoping to make one more step into making breedless dogs more popular as pets in opposition to the common idea that only a pedigree dog can be a good pet. It took a long time to find someone we know in the TV show team, we talked much, made many arrangements and finally – the moment came! 2 people from the staff were sent to chose an appropriate puppy. It took them only one tour round the 120 puppies we offered to come back with a whiney grin: “But they are all mutts!?” And they were gone. Gone, to buy a little husky from a pet shop. A little pedigree baby born only to make money, whose mother lives somewhere in horrible condition and will be bred restlessly until she dies of exhaustion. But, pet shop dogs are a whole different story… I wanted to say something different.

Many Bulgarians make a very specific distinction between dogs that have a breed – suitable to live in a home; and dogs with no breed – OK in the yard or on the street. We do not judge them – it has been too many years of pedigree pets and mongrel chained dogs.

Bogrov offers shelter to 500 dogs that don’t have a home. People who haven’t been here often imagine a wild zoo of black and brown wolves in cages. “Mutts” – they are quickly labeled to no srprise. Whilst people have met many good cockers or labradors few have had a close communication with a stray animal to notice how good it is. The strays remain on their invisible sidewalk patrol, being noticed only if they bark too much or turn a garbage can over.


This here rediculous guy was left at the shelter by his onwers – they said he was impossible to control and will be euthanized if we don’t take him. Being such an amazingly cute one it took only days for someone to like him and take him home. Unfortunately his new onwers underestimated our warnings about him and recently he was returned to us.

No need to say that he quickly found new fans – the family of kind Mariana Stoichkova decided to give him a chance. Only this time we included a special term in their adoption contract. Tey are obliged to work with a dog behaviourist – a proffecional appointed by us – Mr Orlin Milanov, a true dog friend that has voluntarely helped with quite a few of our complicated cases.

And the news are great! Dexter is being very reasonable and behaving perfectly for now. Orlin reports that his new family is doing an excellent job and should have no trouble keeping him in line in the future. Our thanks to him and to Mariana for their serious and responsible work!


And here we introduce you to the Middle-asian Shepherd Johnny. As it often happens in our line of work – Johnny’s owner died and his cruel and irresponcible relatives threw his odg out on the street. A giant dog with chopped off years on the street? It was a matter of days before someone shoots or poisons him in fear.

Since even at the moment we have 3 Bulgarian shepherd dogs at the shelter – we were quite worried. WHo would eant this huge guy? Would he linger in the cages for years because of his size, just like our poor old Baloo?? We were sooo happy when Dimitar Georgiev said he would have him instead of the dog he originally came for!

Today Johnny has his own yard and a family to guard. He will never be chained as it often happened to him in the past. We are so pleased!


And this one here is Gabriel. The husky that got at least 30 e-mails, calls and notes, but only 2 serious inquiries on the spot. Young, healthy and beautiful Gabriel is also too enegretic, easy to excite, full of life and noise – a dog that can’t be rehomed with just anybody.

For this reason we beleive he is an exceptionally lucky tog to have found Kalina and George Tashevi! People who proved they are serious and responcible, people who would work hard and do their best to help him become a pet. It is not his fault after all, that his original owners only chose him for his looks, ignoring the strong will and abundance of energy that is typical to the northern breeds. Good luck to you, dear George and Kalina!!!

Yes, it really is more than great that more and more people are adopting breedless dogs. Dogs who were born homeless instead of dogs who were bred for proffit. But in the same time it is very difficult for us to understand some comments like: “You wouldn’t adopt if it had no breed!” or “Got a husky for free and is now even bragging!”

Do we really need this racism, people!? Just as we don’t want people to judge a dog because it has no breed, we don’t want the dogs to be judged because they do have it! A dog is a dog. And it has no clue what color it is, what shape his body has, or wether his grandma has beauty medals. It just knows that it wants to love and be loved back – that is all, nothing more and nothing less.

Gabriel, Dexter and Johnny were simly lucky to be born in a body that is easier to notice. This doesn’t mean that they were less miserable, unhappy, lonely, abandoned or suffering without their wonderful adoptive parents. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have any problems and everything about them is in pink roses. Having a breed is not enough.

And this certainly does NOT mean that the people who adopted them are “snobs” or “pretentious” or whatever else comes into the minds of people who think they can make such judgements. Wether they had a dog like this in the past or had seen and liked one who belonged to someone else – does it really matter??? A life is saved! Happines has come round!

Be proud and happy dearest people who adopt! No matter if you have opened your heart to a dog or a cat, to a breedless or a pedigree animal in need. Life is life and it has as much value no matter what the body that carries it looks like. And you have saved it, you you have leant a hart to an unwanted, lonely creature. Be blessed!

07 March 2012 | Blog, Library

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