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it is now speculated that the “event” will happen at a secret place this weekend – 25.02.1012

A group of volunteers has organized to travel to the village and stop the ritual from taking place.

You can get in touch with them HERE. Please note we are not organizing this, it is a civil initiative wich we inform you of.

Two weeks remain till the 6-th of March – the date when the barbaric ritual of dog-hanging takes place in Brodilovo, a village in the Strandzha region, Tzarevo municipality.

The ritual has been forbidden by the mayor of Tzarevo already 2 years ago, but this didn’t stop the villagers from doing it, no one was punished.  You should know that Tzarevo municipality is also famous for the dolphins that were murdered with automatic weapons this year (again, no one was punished).

The dogs are hanged, spun and then threwn into a cold river – the villagers do it for “good luck”…

This year we ask you to help us point out to the Mayor that this is not something we will put up with. Send him an e-mail and let’s remind all the people of Tzarevo that the world is watching. The Mayor of Tzarevo municipality is engineer George Lapchev. You can e-mail him on: tsarevo@dir.bg

This is an example e-mail that you might use:

Dear Mr Lapchev,

As the 6-th of March draws near we remind you of the barbaric ritual “trichane” involving the hanging, spinning and near-drowning of dogs that the people of Brodilovo village hold on this date. I urge you to do all in your power as mayor to prevent this shameful crime from taking place again.

I hope you will make sure that the villagers of Brodilovo are aware that this so-called ritual is a criminal offence – violence to animals is a crime in Bulgaria since the end of 2011.

This ritual is barbaric and inhumane and it has already been a great harm to the image of Bulgaria in the Western world. It is very important that the people of Brodilovo understand that there is no way that the ritual could be held “in secret” as they are planning.

Thank you for taking the necessary precautions

This is a news report from 2011:

You can also sign a petition against this crime HERE.
Thank you for caring!

20 February 2012 | News

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