Titi went home

04 February 2012 | Blog

Congratulations to Mr Milko Ivanov and his wonderful family for opening their hearts to a little unwanted puppy! You will be very happy with this wonderful young lady, satisfaction is guaranteed with this amazing pup!

Sweet little Titti is a tiny gentle lady with a golden delicate heart. She was found as a small dumped puppy together with her sisters. Surprisingly, to our great joy Titi is the second of these girls to be adopted. So, only one of these wonderful girls is still waiting for love at the shelter.

Here are Titi and her sisters when they were found lonely, skinny and full of parasytes. On the second photo is Queen – the last of these sweet girls to look for a loving owner:

See Queen, the sister of Titi getting a microchip infront of the camera:

04 February 2012 | Blog

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