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10 March 2010 | News

There is a strange trend of thought in Bulgaria – that it’s “children VS dogs“. We at ARS beleive quite the contrary is true. And here are some lovely drawings by children from the Netherlands whose families have adopted Bulgarian dogs. They are so heartwarming:

And here are Sarah and her little friend – her foster Ralitza. Sarah is bound to go to her new home at the end of this month…

Ralitza wrote a sad poem (in Bulgarian) about Sarah’s leaving, and it goes something like this:


The day you came you took my heart
You put your head in my hands
Looked at me with sadness, I wanderd if it’s real
Than you waved your tail, like a little flag
You moved your ears like you were begging me
And now you are going
leaving me
I love you every moment, wherever you are
I love you forever
you should know that

Your Rali

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10 March 2010 | News

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