Bonnie’s golden heart

12 November 2012 | Adopted

This ‘little’ sunshine – Bonnie – is in Bogrov from March this year. She was found helpless on the road, hit by a car. Bonnie meets the Bogrov team who responded to the distress call with a wagging tail, showing in every possible way how happy she is to see them. Bonnie’s X-rays showed that she needed a surgery on both of her legs which was performed immediately thanks to Your help and donations. Today Bonnie is fully recovered.

A few months later this charming two years old dog is still in Bogrov, limping a little bit with one of her legs, but very naive, loving, kind, playful and absolutely enchanting. She loves to banter with the volunteers and there is always someone with whom she can play catch and throw in the outside enclosure. When back in the cage she’s moving around the dog beds saying with no doubt “I want to play. Please, take me outside!”.

Bonnie is excellent on a lead, apprehensive and obedient. She’ll light up your home if you decide to adopt her!

Neutered and vaccinated. Bonnie is one of the dogs with heartworm at the shelter. She would be very lucky to find a sponsor for her much needed drug – Immiticide. Bonnie’s larga size puts her behind on the line for treatment as the expencive drug is dosed per kilo…

Bonnie plays:

12 November 2012 | Adopted

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