Dutch veterinary invasion

12 December 2011 | Blog

It is no secret we are always looking for a way to make our lives even more interesting. Just as things settle into the right track (for the moment) we get new ideas – how to help ourselves with our work. Of course, as you know Spay/Neuter is one of our main priorities. In that regard we are aways very greedy – we never get enough Spay/Neuter. For that reason we decided to open the doors of our sergery to Dutch interns, students of the best veterinary univercities in the world – the one in Utrecht.

With the kind help of Mr. Hano Berger of Dieren Stages we welcomed a number of pleasant young veterinarians, who did two things: make a croud in the sergery room; drastically increase the number od Spay/Neuter operations at our clinic!

Charlotte and Monique spent their summer vacation with us and became surprisingly good in Bulgarian. You should have heard them comment things like “Aaah, momachitze e” (would soung like: aaah, it’s a ladygirl”, “Doobre” (good) wich is always the first word of the Duch students for some reasons.

Michael was so shocked when he accidentaly ordered tripe soup and found out it didn’t have much of a taste. Poor Michael, noone told him he is supposed to put huge ammounts of garlic and chilly in it.

Roos and Jaap have to remember us with a bet that we lost… We tried to guess their gender by their names before they arrived, but Nadia got it wrong with Roos who turned out to be a lady, despite our expectations.

Since Karen and Ana are younger than the others we will hopefully see them again next year. Karen will maybe also bring a puppy she adopted from us – the little boy she called “Dobre”. She said it will be fun when her friends start asking her “what does Dobre mean?” she will tell them “OK”.

Each and every one of them brought our message home (except Karen who also brought Dobre) and in return we got their absolutely priceless help and wonderful company.

12 December 2011 | Blog

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  1. Hanno Berger

    In the shelter of Bogrov near Sofia there are many possibilities for (vet-)students. The students are enthusiastic and the staff of the shelter as well. This is a good example of how to improve the circumstances for stray-animals in a country where these animals need extra help.

    We are glad that we can cooperate with the qualified staff of Bogrov and are willing to ‘send’ many more students in 2012!

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