Lenny needs your help!

07 November 2011 | Blog

Lenny is a sweet boy who was born on a parking lot a few months ago. One by one as time progressed – his siblings died from illness or cars. Lenny was the last one to survive, and the sweetest too.
Lenny is a kind and loving little boy, playful and smart. He loves people and has shown he will tolerate anything just to be with us. Even horrible pain.

Yes, pain – because Lenny has been hit by a car and has a broken leg.

Lenny is in URGENT NEED of an operation. As any small puppy broken bones are a big risk for him and the pains are great.

To HELP LENNY – DONATE for his surgery and treatment. We need to get him help as fast as we can! You have been so amazing with Smokey, Batta, Mata and Tazka – will you be as kind to good Lenny as well?

Lenny thanks you in advance and will be grateful forever!

07 November 2011 | Blog

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