Before you adopt a dog from Animal Rescue Sofia there are many responsibilities and lifestyle adjustments to consider. The following are some general points to keep in mind while making your decision.

For more information on caring for your pet, visit our LIBRARY page.

  • All dogs require periodic medical care, a series of yearly vaccinations, regular grooming and lots of love and affection.
  • Your home and yard should provide proper confinement and reasonable space for the size of your dog. When outside, your new dog or puppy should always be on a leash until you are sure that he feels safe with you. Please, remember that adopted animals would not necessarily behave the way your current or past pets have. With adopted animals, especially previously homeless ones, it takes longer to become attached to you and their new ways of living.
  • New house pets should be closely supervised when with other pets and children while they become familiar with their new home. There are many dogs that are being returned to us after the owner has not followed this simple rule, for which the dog itself is rarely responsible.
  • We suggest a high-quality dog food that should be eaten in moderation. Your vet can provide specific diet recommendations.
  • Housebreaking your new dog should be done with encouraging words. They should be taken outside after meals and right before and after sleeping. Crate training is an effective training method.
  • All dogs need exercise, so allow your dog to play outside everyday. Young dogs and puppies may have extra energy, causing them to chew. Try not to leave them alone for long periods of time and consider crate training to housebreak and curb bad habits.
  • Your dog’s I.D. tag, which we provide with every adoption, is the only way that your new pet can find their way home if they get lost. We strongly recommend these stay attached to a collar worn by your dog at all times.
  • We hope every adoption is permanent. However, if you experience problems with your new pet that cannot be corrected, please call Animal Rescue Sofia to schedule an appointment to return the animal to us. Please, never transfer the dog to other owners without notifying us or return the dog to the streets. There had been many people involved in helping that dog before you adopted him. In either case we might happen to have the right new owner waiting for him.


The Animal Rescue Team

14 February 2010 | Library

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