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07 September 2011 | Library

Recently in a private conversation:

“Animal Rescue Sofia, I am so disappointed with you! I did believe in your cause and I did support you, but now I find out that you neuter all dogs that go through you! Shame on you!”

No, we are not ashamed. Actually we are proud! We are so proud we put a counter with the dogs we’ve helped get adopted and we’ve sprayed and neutered at our clinic. We are proud because one of our main missions is to reduce the stray dog population in Sofia and neutering is the only effective, humane and legal way to do this.

And this is not our opinion alone. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises spaying/neutering as the only effective method for reducing the number of homeless dogs. Increasing the number of sprayed and neutered cats and dogs is a main goal for every respectable animal rights and rescue organisation.

Cesar Millan is by far the most famous dog specialist in the world at the moment. He is among the most influential and convinced ambassadors of neutering. In 2007 he and his wife start the Millan Foundation that has promoting spraying/neutering and its importance among its main goals.

Take a look at a video by the foundation.

We will never get tired of repeating

It is important because:

Female dogs start giving birth after six months of age, cats – after the fourth month. One female dog could give birth to 4 to 8 puppies twice a year and when they reach six months they are ready to become sexually active too. So when a couple of unnutered dogs meet on the street this could lead to:

12 stray dogs in an year;
67 – in two years;
367 – in three
66,088 in six years.

As for you own pet:

  • Your female dog will live a longer, healthier life. Dog spaying before her first heat reduces your female dog’s chances of uterine infections and breast cancer. Breast cancer is fatal in about 50% of unspayed female dogs.
  • Your female will never go into heat, avoiding having to clean up blood stains on your furniture and carpeting.
  • Your male dog will also benefit from neutering. If neutering is completed before 6 months of age, you greatly reduce your dog’s risk of testicular cancer and a variety of prostate problems.
  • Neutering will lessen a male dog’s urge to roam. While some breeds are known for their wandering nature, neutering will lessen that urge and prevent injury from car accidents or fights with other dogs.
  • Neutering promotes better behaviour in male dogs. An intact male dog still has the urge to mount and mark his territory. Once neutered, these desires are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.
  • Dog spaying/neutering is cost effective. While spaying or neutering can be costly, it is not nearly as expensive as caring for an expectant female and the puppies that later arrive. Many cities and counties also have reduced licensing fees for dogs that are neutered.
  • Neutering does not make your dog fat. Many people use the excuse that spaying or neutering their dog will make them fat. Too much food and not enough exercise is what makes your dog fat. So long as you monitor your dog’s food intake and ensure proper exercise, they should maintain a healthy body weight.
  • By spaying your female dog you avoid having the neighbourhood stray male dogs hanging out around your home while your female is in heat. (from

To sum up spraying and neutering help curb the number of homeless animals, prevents suffering and it is good for the health of your own dog. It is the part of being a responsible pet owner and we will never get tired of repeating this.

You are welcome to spray or neuter dogs and cats for free at the shelter in Bogrov. You can also donate for our clinic and the spray/neutering programme.

07 September 2011 | Library

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