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And once again we are facing the New Year, hoping that it will be easier, better and more successful than the old one.

But what was the old one like for us?

In a way – 2018 was the hardest year we have ever had. For a first time we had to consider the option of closing the clinic and the shelter – due to financial problems.

On the other hand – through this year, our team has helped more animals than ever (probably the two things just go together)!

Whatever we say in the summary, we will surely skip many things, but in a short, here is our 2018:

Number of dogs and cats, healed in “Franziska”: 


2416 animals came into our clinic and received help!
Some of them were treated, healed and then returned to their habitats.

Others stayed at the shelter and we promised them a new home.
Unfortunately, there is also a third group – animals for who there was nothing we could do, except being side by side at their last moments on this world.

Most common diagnosis: Coronavirosis
Most common reason for acceptance in the clinic: Animal hit by a car

Every day through this year, our vets have helped 6 new patients!

Number of dogs, accepted in the “Farm”:


Even though our shelter is with a capacity of 200 dogs, this only means how many dogs we have at any given moment. But at the second a dog is adopted, another one takes its place. That way we took in 1112 dogs from the streets of Sofia (mainly, but not only).

Each one of them has been dewormed, vaccinated 3 times, microchipped and spayed (except the ones (not that many, though) that came already spayed)!

Number of adopted animals:

Because of our “Farm”, 1078 dogs and cats are nowadays in their new homes!

It is an enormous amount even for us! The only thing that darkens our joy is the fact, that only 70 of them were adopted in Bulgaria…

In 2019 we will do our best to fix this, but without any compromises  with the quality of life!

We lost old friends

Farewell, dear friends! We will meet at the rainbow bridge one day!




We found some new friends

There are many friends that supported us in this year and we are grateful to them all!
Here we only want to mention the chain of shopsDr Stefanov.
If suddenly they haven’t appear in our lives, our year would have been much shorter and unhappier!
Thanks to their support and patience, however bad the money problem was, our animals have never stayed hungry!

Special regards and gratitude to Mario and Dr Stefanov! Thank you for your patience and generosity!

In the world

This year our Nadia and Svetlo were speakers in the annual conference for animal welfare ICAWC, this time in Polland!
It is a huge recognition for our work – this is only the second time when speakers from Bulgaria were invited! And the first time? It was in 2016, when again Nadia and Svetlo spoke, in Portugal!

At home

Our biggest disappointment and failure for the year is our unsuccussful attempt to convince the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency, that there is such thing as stray cats in Bulgaria.
Our work with stray cats (neuter & rehome) is still illegal in the eyes of the authorities and the international rehomings are still banned!



Dear friends,

Thank you, for being next to us in 2018!

Only because of you, we found homes for 1078 dogs and cats!

We healed in our clinic 2416 sick and injured patients!

And most important – only because of you, we continue in 2019!


Happy New Year! 
And don’t forget – together we make miracles happen every day!


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