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With the help of our kind colleagues, two more lovely dogs from the Farm found their happiness with lovely people in Germany!


мици 1 мици муки 2

Granny Mitzy managed to be on two shelter score-boards at the same time – for the shelter’s oldest and the shelter’s smallest dog. She would sit quietly in her box, going out for walks regularly, but sleeping most of the time, overcome by a large tumor on the mammal glands. With the help of d-r Stankova granny got rid of her disease and started everything anew – a new life, in a new country, with new people, as if the horrors in the past never happened!


DSC_2186 DSC_2225

The second lucky lady is lovely Dilma – an incredibly kind, calm, clever and friendly hunting dog who never found her people here in Bulgaria. Instead of being sad, she packed her things – packed her passport, because that is the only thing she actually had – and left. Left for a new life, where she will have her own food-bowls, her own toys and leads, her own home and what’s most important – her own family!

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