Our thanks to Danny Vassileva – the party was her idea and organization and it worked out fantastically!

  • We thank Elina and Krassy (Red Lions team leader) Velevi – our hosts at Children’s center USMIVKA for the wonderful time and all their effort.
  • We thank Boyana Nenova, Rady Ivanova and Katina Boteva (Blue Dragnos team leader) who worked hard to have everything well organized and with a great attitude.
  • We thank Raya Georgieva who took care of the puppies and made sure they were feeling as good as everyone else on the party the whole time.
  • We thank the very talented children photographer Pavlina  Samokovlieva for her beautiful photos.
  • We thank Granddad Mony for the enclosure he made for the puppies – only one bandid managed to escape it.

And special thanks to VEDENA beverage trade company for the generous donation they made for this party!

The team games led by Danny and the two team leaders – Kraddy and Katina were a great success – football with a huge ball; the mummy game; the balloon games – of course everyone went crazy in the part for balloon-popping; the quiz… Of course – there were no losers in the games, how else would it be :)!

The kids loved the snacks that were set out for them; they were running around all the time – where do they get the energy!? And the puppies got so much hugging and petting – even more than they hoped for!

Enjoy Pavlina Samokovlieva’s fantastic photos, and we hope you don’t miss the fun next time:

Thank you Danny, Eli and Krassi for this wonderful day! May our kids grow to be tolerant and kind to everyone and everything in this world 🙂

06 June 2011 | News

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