Dear friends,

please be informed that as of 01 June 2011 the shelter will not be accepting any new dogs. The shelter of Bogrov is overcrouded. We are currently running over our capacity, the dogs are lacking space and the general mood in the shelter is tence.

Please note that we will be addmitting the animals that are already on our waighting list, but no new dogs will be signed on for the moment. We will not be admitting any new animals to the shelter or putting new dogs on the waiting list until we have rehomed the surplus dogs and everyone on the waiting list is processed.  Space must also be cleared for the most urgent cases.

We understand the frustration everyone feels about dogs that need to be sheltered, but please have in mind one shelter can not solve the problems for the thousands of dogs on the streets of Sofia. It is our duty to think of the dogs we already have and we cannot compromise their health and safety by stuffing more and more dogs in the shelter. Spring is always the toughest of seasons – we continue to work as hard as we can so as many animals as possible can benefit from our work.

Currently we are refusing addmittance to tens of dogs every week. It is frustrating and difficult for both us and the people who are trying to find a solution for animals in need. We hope you understand the need to hault addmittance – we are human as well and cannot provide miracles. We are working as hard as we possibly could to have as many dogs helped and rehomed as fast as possible.

Thank you for your understanding,

the Animal Rescue Sofia team

31 May 2011 | The Farm Newsflash

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