The orphans of Kremikovtzi. They have no one else, but us. 300 dogs locked inside a monstorus 25 square kilometer abandoned factory. 300 dogs with no food source and no chance to get out. 300 starving prisoners.

What have we achieved in 6 months of work at Kremikovtzi:

  • 6 000kg of food distributed
  • 53 females neutered
  • 9 dogs rehomed
  • 37 injured taken care of
  • 300 lives saved

Peter feeds dogs on a routine visit last week of May

We pour sunflower oil onto the food to give it a calorie boost

We need YOUR SUPPORT to be able to continue our life-saving work in Kremikovtzi. Spare a crump or two for these hungry friends, you would be saving their life with your donation.

THANK YOU for saving me!

31 May 2011 | Latest from Kremikovtzi, News

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  1. Jayne Jones

    I have not seen any off this until now , please can you give me more details , TY !!

  2. stella

    Hello Jayne,
    you can read all about it here:

    and see what’s been happening here:

    We are in great need of help for this project.

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