We have received an official responce from the Animal Wellfare Comissioner Dalli’s office on the case of the skinned dog we reported on April 06.

The letter states Bulgarian authorities will be asked to provide clarifications on the sale of dog fur at local markets as means to inspect the enforcement of an 2009 EU regulation, banning the sell of dog and cat fur.

Meanwhile our effort to have the pelt traced and confiscated, the owners of the shop fined etc. – has reached a stone wall. Our signal was re-traced by the RIEW ti the National Veterinary Service as the case is with a domesticated species.

The re-tracing letter was sent on 08.04.2011 by the RIEW to the president of the Veterinary Service. A copy of this letter was received by us. Two weeks have passed since the VS has had this letter, asking them to take over the case as a violation of the Animal protection act, but we have not heard of them.

We still hope to have the NVS’ attenttion – cases like this one should not be overlooked, but taken into serious account. We are tired of having laws that are only laws on paper.

23 April 2011 | News

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  1. huypens marleen

    men moet geen bont dragen van dieren het is gruwelijk de mensen die dat dragen moeten er dan maar ziek van worden zo is het ne

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