Large penalties, as well as imprisonment for up to 3 years for the murdering or mutilation of an animal have now become a part of Bulgaria’s penalty code. The Parliament has voted higher penalties for the organizing and taking part in animal fights, as well as sanctions for owners whose animals have caused physical harm to another person.


We are very happy that Bulgaria has joined the civilized world in ruling animal cruelty is a crime. We hope to now have the police working on the cases of animal cruelty occurring in Bulgaria daily.


13 April 2011 | News

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  1. PAULA

    Plase help animals dont’ kill them!

  2. Mary Mika

    This is what happens when people speak up for animals!!

  3. Anonymous

    congratulations. In Romania killing an animal is a national pride. We have a law that protects animals, but police smile when a dog is tortured or a horse beaten or starved to death. Now our politicians, with the president of our country who wants to kill all dogs for money.

  4. Glynis Martin

    So happy that Bulgaria has opted to join us in the 21st century. Good work by the Bulgarian government. Many thanks from animal lovers all over the world.

  5. jenny mac

    Let’s hope that this law DOES protect the animals and that ANYONE who breaks the law is dealt with severely irrespective of status or rank. Too many so called ‘law enforcers’ are as bad if not worse than the general public.
    Bulgaria has taken a huge step forward and given their animals hope, ALL COUNTRIES should follow suit … JAPAN, CHINA, CHOREA, ITALY, SPAIN, LEBANON, ROMANIA & so many more need to stop their barbaric treatment of helpless creatures and follow Bulgaria into the 21st century. WELL DONE BULGARIA!

  6. silvana de giorgi

    salviamo gli animali!!! non si uccidono si salvano e si curano!!!!

  7. Emily Christoff

    I am proud of the land of my ancestors for taking a stand, they always
    come through for other people and now for innocent animals! A job well done
    and to be continued… bravo!

  8. Sylvie Rochat

    FINALLY …..

  9. Divina

    Bulgaria is a great nation with great citizens who opt not only the development of their country men but also fo nature in lieu of their strong morality and passion of cultural pride…Please Bulgarians, see how nature gifted you so much, what have you done for nature lately? It is the responsibility of every human, being created with the highest intellect, to care for the animals. Kindness is always repayed with Kindness. No animal will be a danger to any human once it sees Kindness in man’s actions.

    Bulgaria is becoming a leader in helping protect the strays…

  10. thordur

    I hope others nationals around Bulgaria will do the same.

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