Romania is about to slaughter 3 million dogs

On the 5th of April the Romanian Commission for Public Administration, which advises the Chamber of Deputies, agreed on a legal amendment which legalizes mass euthanasia of dogs again. With this decision the Commission ignores the advice given on 10 March by the European Parliament.

Since the end of the communist regime of Ceausescu EU member state Romania developed a serious stray dog problem. For decades authorities failed to intervene properly. Dogs were inhumanely caught and killed randomly.

In the nineties The World Health Organization proofed scientifically that killing dogs has no effect on the root cause of the problem. The W.H.O. stated spay/neuter is the only effective way to reduce the number of free roaming dogs besides informing the citizens about responsible dog ownership. Stray dogs are not the problem itself; it’s the irresponsible dog owners who continuously deliver new fertile dogs in combination with corruptive authorities which sabotage spay/neuter projects to make money.

Besides the fact spay/neuter is the only effective way to deal with a surplus of dogs, it is humane and much cheaper than the endless catching and killing of free roaming dogs.

In Romania stray dogs are seldom euthanized humanely. Dogs are being caught violently and beaten to death with baseball bats, shot, poisoned or starved to death.

Several NGO’s have proven that the stray dog problem in Romania can be solved. In the city of Oradea (210,000 inhabitants) the number of stray dogs has been reduced with 90% in 4 years time by spay/neuter all free roaming dogs and educating the public.

Next week the members of the Romanian Chamber of Deputies will vote for the legal amendment. It is likely the Chamber of Deputies will copy the Commission’s decision where after the massacre will start.

The last decade Romania has spent 40 million Euros on tax payer’s money on the stray dog problem, but due to corruption the money ended up in private pockets. The stray dog problem turned into a very profitable business for many politicians and their relatives.

Next week it will become clear if Romania, member of the European Union since 2007, sets itself back in time and lets corruption gain the victory, or act upon the European Commission’s advice and, like neighbor country Bulgaria, starts resolving the stray dog problem nationally, effectively, structurally and humanely.

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09 April 2011 | News

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