A report has been filed at RIEW-Sofia, after we made a frightening discovery at Iliyancy Bazaar this morning. One of the shops had the skin of a large brindle dog at the entrance as a door mat.

We remind you that on the night 28.08.2010 an unidentified criminal broke into the shelter premises and skinned 3-month old puppy Jessy alive. He left her skin as a token for us to find in the morning.

Bulgaria is the only EU country where cruelty to animals is not regarded a crime. Deeds like this one lead criminals to jail in Europe whilst here, skinning a dog is just a joke. We are still waiting for the Parliament to vote the changes in the Penalty Code.

Full-size photos can be downloaded from HERE

The REPORT in Bulgarian only

06 April 2011 | News

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  1. Dawn

    Why is it not a criminal offence? Europe all sign the same agreements to be in the eu, surely this crime has to be a criminal offence.! If this country does not abide by eu law then they should be not allowed eu status. Shame on the bulgarian authorities, letting animals suffer. Boycot this as a holiday destination, do not condone there actions.

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