Older pets are great!

14 February 2010 | Library

Sure puppies and kittens are cute, but… Don’t forget about older pets who may fit into your life perfectly.

With an older pet, you will get a less destructive, more graceful animal, and one who could more easily pass the “basic training”- you may not need to housebreak the pet, and it will learn faster to come when called and what “no” means. And if you work, a full-grown pet is better able to stay home alone during the day – this is especially true for dogs. Older pets are just as loving as young animals, but because most people want “cute” puppies and kittens, hundreds of older animals must be euthanized remain homeless on the streets in Bulgaria each year.

If you’re looking for a good companion, look at the older dogs and cats at the animal shelters. They have lots of love to give and the admirable qualities that come with maturity.

14 February 2010 | Library

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