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We are very happy to let you know that 16 wonderful Bogrovian puppies have arrived safely in their new motherland – Austria! Thanks to the fabulous work of our friends at STIBI’S HUNDEPARADIES the innocent babies will know only love and happiness for the rest of their long, happy lives!

Schoky, Paulina and Tarya are the oldest of the group. The 3 ladies come from very different backgrounds, but share the same sad destiny – abandoned and unwanted they found their last chance in the Bogrov shelter. They spent many months with us before Lady Luck gave them a wink. These girls will have nothing to worry about from now on.

Samuel, Sensi and Hara are second in age. All three of them have grown up in the shelter, becoming lively sweet dogs – well behaved, gentle and very, very smart. They will now learn that the world is much more than cages and bars – full of interesting new things to sniff and wag your tail for.

Zara, Snoopy and Whisper are 3 unique puppies who won the gold tickets to Instant luck! Instead of spending their youth in a cage they will have their own, wonderful families to make happy and proud for the rest of their lives thanks to the caring team of Stibi’s Hundeparadies.

Amy, Pento and Kyros come from three different abandoned litters, but have one thing in common and that is their longing for human love. If they didn’t have the incredible luck of being chosen for Austria, most likely noone would have noticed their golden hearts in the simular crowd at the shelter. Sadly, human eyes can rarely see directly into the heart, most stop at the appearance.

Archie, Browny and Eternity will surely be rehomed instantly – such beauties should have no problems at all, especially when they are so funny and loving, playful and hand-licking. They will make their new people very proud, we are sure of it!

Last, but most certainly not least is lady Charlotte from the VIVACOM gang. Charlotte is the universal charmer, and she will be the lucky charm of the people who chose her as their best furry friend:

Thank you to the team of Stibi’s Hundeparadies also for sending us water-pools for the dogs to enjoy in the last, but hottest days of this summer!

* * *

Our special regards to Mrs Sandra Stibi who nearly missed her firstborn son’s baptism to be able to welcome the little ones in their new home.

Dear Sandra,

we wish your little Fabio all the health and luck of the world, while he grows to be the kind and noble person his mother is!!!

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