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17 November 2010 | Blog

Dr Marietta Stankova works as a Spay/Neuter vet in the Bogrov clinic. She neuteres over 100 animals each month and loves her work very much. Marietta is also a Seslavci volunteer for over 2 years now, she goes to the municipal pound every week to feed and treat the dogs there. There are few people in the world who love animals quite like she does.

She met our CEO Nadia Stancheva when late one night, 2 years ago Nadia could not find a single vet in Sofia who would come on spot to a badly injured dog in the middle of the night while a severe storm was bringing down trees all over the city. That night Marietta drove for over 50km to come and help, she didn’t charge Nadia anything. Since we’ve all known Marietta she hasn’t let down any dog in need, she’s always been there, always done her best to help.

D-r Stankova helps out with all the duties in the shelter, including some very heavy duty tasks – she works side by side with the boys when there’s something heavy to carry. She is particularly great with handling the most stressed-out and biting dogs. No dog is affraid of her, neither is she. She also drove our bus as far as Holland quite a few times when there was a need.  Marietta is always smiling, always in a good mood.

17 November 2010 | Blog

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