23 souls out of Seslavci

26 February 2010 | Blog

12 one-month-old pups, one 2-3 month old girl and a nursing mother with 7 puppies were taken to foster care today. The pups are in a very bad state, but we hope most will survive thanks with the love and care of our kind fosters. Two more youngsters were rescued earlier in the week.

This is the mother, nursing her 7 puppies in Seslavci and in the yard where she will stay:

Here is the sweet girl from the youngster group who found her way out to fosters – in Seslavci and at her fosters:

This bunch of 12 sweethearts were brought to Seslavci without a mother and still need to be nursed. They are in our foster care from today, the photos are from Seslavci:

A little earlier in the week two more youngsters found their way out to foster care.

Mila, a sweet girl of about 4 months – in Seslavci and at her fosters:

Smiley, a sweet boy of about 10 months – in Seslavci and at his fosters:

These little survivors need your support!!!

26 February 2010 | Blog

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