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Our warmest gratitude to the Charity committee at Woodward Bulgaria!!! Their kind help has allowed us to keep the dogs warm until the end of this month.


The awesome people have raised funds among themselves, so they can help the Farm with something really necessary. Currently, the biggest needs are – heating pellets, medication and food. But – it has proven to be most difficult to find sponsors for heating, we aren’t sure why. Perhaps the donors feel it is a waste of resources – keeping dogs warm. But when you are ill, or recovering, really tiny or very old, locked up in a cage without a way to run about to warm-up… you need, you really, really need a place to cuddle up without freezing.

IMG_9797 IMG_9800

We are really grateful to the team at Woodward for this donation.
And we wish them – to always be warm – in body and in soul, and to always have a caring friend nearby.

Our situation

Astronomic winter may come on December 21-st by calendar, but it has already come to Bogrov, to the Farm. Sub-zero temperatures are already with us, making it as difficult as they can – both for us and for our dogs.

IMG_9799 IMG_9803

Your great help allowed us to install two heating stoves last year – one for the large dog-building, and another for the clinic. In the clinic – by radiators, in the dog-house, by floor heating (it is too large and there is no way to warm-up the air inside).

IMG_9813 IMG_9815

Since the dog-building is too large, and we don’t have enough funds to be able to keep both wings warm, we moved all the dogs that really need additional warmth in the northern wing. These are all the babies, operated animals, the oldies, the chronically ill. As you can see in the photos – the babies are making the most of it – more or less, they don’t leave “the warm spot” – during the day and at night. The bigger ones use it for sleeping during the night, and keep warm barking as loudly as they can throughout the day.

IMG_9807 IMG_9811

Just to be clear

Since we’re constantly looking for ways to keep the dogs warm, it so happened that we were accused of needing the heat for ourselves. There’s no such thing. Our so-called “office” is a metal warehouse container – with concrete flooring and almost no insulation. We don’t have heating here, only a wood-burning stove, for which we buy wood at our own expense.

IMG_9840 IMG_9845

We work in hats and jackets (because we can’t work with gloves), the two office dogs – Bushi and Sunny are constantly cold, in the morning, their water is frozen and some of the machines we have don’t want to work at all until we’ve warmed up a little. No, we’re not asking for help to keep ourselves warm. If that was important to us – we wouldn’t be working here – it gets over 40C in the summer and as low as -20C inside in the winter.

If you want to help

If you would like to help our dogs keep warm during the long winter, you can contact us, make a donation, or directly purchase burning-pellets from manufacturers and send them over. The prices vary between 180 and 200E per ton.


Thank you for being there for them!

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