A puppygarten from VIVACOM

Dear friends of Animal Rescue Sofia,

as you know the shelter of Bogrov is the only shelter that admits puppies in Sofia. As such we save hundreds of puppy lives, but to keep a puppy healthy and happy in the shelter’s cramped environment is no easy task. Although most of the dogs in Bogrov live in the big dog building, all of the pups must pass through quarantine – to be de-warmed, vaccinated 3 times and cared for adequetely. And whilst in the winter it is impossible to keep the puppies outside – it is an absolute must to have them out in the fresh air and sunshine in the Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

Those of you who have been to Bogrov have seen the outside enclosures we built with what we had at hand. But what we achieved with our limited resources is far from enough. We need to have an easy to clean well-accessed space, where the pups would have propper housing and shade. Unfortunately – we could not afford it. And then again – it was time for miracles:

Our HUGE THANKS to VIVACOM who donated a generous summe for the construction of a new PUPPYGARTEN! The cozy new puppy enclosures will be promptly build in the the place of our old shaggy enclosure, allowing us to have the puppies in a more natural, much healthier environment that will help them develop as healthy, confident sweethearts. On this page we will be showing you how the progress goes at our new enclosures, giving you up to date information on how things are going.

A sketch of the planned PUPPYGARTEN

Taking down the old enclosures:

Whatcha doin?

1 old enclosure down, 4 more to go…

Quite unexpectedly this turned out to be a much more difficult task than we anticipated – Svetlio was half dead in the end of the day – turns out he really did a great job in building our old racks – it was nearly impossible to remove the fence and pickets and took much longer than we expected.

Young Willow who has been enjoying the outside for the first time this week has been keeping Svetlio company, enjoying himself as never before.


The puppies that used to live in the old enclosures got their own temporary enclosures – the houses were moved as well. We also put Willow together with them – everyone was absolutely thrilled!

Svetlio and Petar finished the new temporary enclosures and the gravel arrived. We need a few days of good weather to be able to pour concrete, meanwhile the rest of the remaining outside enclosures are being cleared out.

To be able to pour the concrete we needed at least 4-5 dry days. Unfortunately it rained allmost every day for nearly 20 days in Bogrov. As the good weather prognosis finally came – Peter and Svetlio sliced the metal sceleton and prepared the ground:

Things are now wrapping up quickly:

Antient Bulgarian saying: It’s always better to watch someone else work!

Jokes aside, the shuttering was quickly finished and the time came for the big stuff – the concrete flooring. And that is certainly NO joke!

YES WE CAN get ourselves all covered in concrete!!!

* * *


To celebrate the new puppygarten fans of VIVACOM suggested names for the new puppygarten inhabitants. The names were chosen – you can see all the lucky babies here.

Angel was named by Albena Haralampieva who is our big friend and sponsor

Animal Rescue Sofia is grateful to VIVACOM for the support and care! We hope to be doing more projects together in the future – connecting people and animals 🙂