Beauty and the Beast or Trolla and Celeste

Posted on 04 September 2012

Those beautiful dogs are mother and son. She – Celeste – is around 3-4 years old. He – Trolla – is about a year old. And that is how their story begins:

Once upon a time there was this cute newborn puppy. It came to earth and the first thing she knew was love and a warm mother’s hug. Little by little surrounded by a lot of love and cares this puppy started growing and become more and more beautiful. And with time came dreams – dreams for own home and loving family. Not much after that the dream came true. Some people really liked the little puppy and probably bought it from a pet shop. They named the dog Celeste and that’s how her new life in their home began.


But as in every story our character should see some troubles before the happy ending comes. At some point Celeste gave birth to puppies – how much and what was their story we don’t know. About an year later this beautiful girl is abandoned together with her son – Trolla, in front of a house in a village near Sofia. What happened with their story that from the life of home pets they became quite useless stray dogs? Probably we will never know. The life on the streets wasn’t easy for our heroes. They were left at a completely unfamiliar place, battling for survival. And like this wasn’t enough the people from the neighborhood didn’t like them and started chasing them. That is how they came to us.

Trolla at the begining

Trolla had this name because of his haircut and because of his mistrust to people ate the beginning. Today he is very different and with good behavior. Celeste and Trolla are waiting for their new people in Bogrov. Let’s make their happy endings possible!

Trolla today

Kindest regards from Mimi

Posted on 19 August 2012

Mimi, the dog with the enormous tumor you helped operate is sending you her regards as she takes the first of many healthy steps in her new, cancer-free life!

Mimi is feeling well, and although she still walks with her legs spread apart as if her huge tumor is still there, her gait is perky and you can tell she is having a wonderful time walking free of the huge weight of the cancer.

Mimi is a good, small dog with a kind temperament and noble manners. She is not young anymore and would simply LOVE to have a true friend to be loyal to till her last breath. Mimi si healthy and will be ass good as new quite soon. Inquiries are welcomed at the Bogrov shelter!

Children of the north 3

Posted on 10 August 2012

Nothing new under the sky. A story so well known and suffered – the fashion in dogs. A person decides to take a dog as some kind of accessory, something to brag about in front of other people, some kind of a belonging that you can throw away – because you don’t need it anymore, because it needs care and attention, love and understanding, because you have to make efforts. But why bother? You can just let it go on the streets and after that it’s not your concern anymore. May be there is a new belonging with which to brag. And that repeats over and over again. We already told you about some of our children of the north here the first part and here the second part, and now there is a new group we want to present to you.

Alaska is a beautiful young lady – a year, year and a half, husky mix. She was found wandering on a very busy road in Sofia. Now she is safe in the shelter waiting for adoption. Alaska is vital and energetic and needs attention and a lot of activity. Сhe is also very cheerful and friendly dog.

– – – – –

Meet Lora – year and a half. She spent that time living on a chain, without the chance to feel free, to run wild and to grow normally. It is understandable that she was very mistrustful to people when she came to us. Now, with her life on the chain left in the past, Lora started trusting us. She is very delicate, careful and kind creature.

– – – – –


Bella is a little older than one year. She was abandoned in one of Sofia areas when she was only a few months. Out of nowhere she found herself in an unfamiliar place, a territory of other dogs, all alone. What kind of life a typical north dog like her would have on the streets? Definitely not a good one. Now she is waiting to find her people. Bella is very energetic and playful dog.

– – – – –

Locca is a fantastic, sweet-tempered, people-oriented, fun-loving, energeic girl. She is about 2,5 years old, an excellent dog for active, lively people, who want a friend that is never tired of games and fun.

She lives for walks and fun and spends her time playing and enjoying life. She has one stunning blue eye to remind us of the freedom she needs to be happy, it is so sad to see her locked in a cage…

Children of the North

Posted on 09 July 2012

We have seen this happen before – with German shepherds, then with Dobermans and Rottweilers, then with Cockers, then Dalmatians…

It always happens the same way. A breed becomes very popular, petshops and puppymills begin overproducing, people buy and buy dogs without knowing the responcibilities and a few years later – many dogs of this breed are being dumped on the street.  Goldens and labradors are next. But now – it is huskies.

This here young boy was brought to us as a “gravely ill” animal. After he was checked and examinated it turned out he had simply been hungry for too long.
The boy is quickly recovering his strenght and has a friendly husky temperament.
He is about a year old.

Another young husky lady – between 8 and 12 months old, she has been waitng for owners quite a while already. The girl is healthy and happy and has the tipical energetic and wild temperament of a northern dog.

This wonderful male went home to his owners. Meanwhile we got 2 more huskies from the street. We will inform you about them soon.

We also have your friend Rex – whose life you saved on two occasions. Although he is still recovering from his surgeries, he will need a home too. Read all about him HERE.

We also have quite a few husky-mixes at the shelter – blue-eyed, energetic animals with a free spirit, locked away until god knows when…

Dear friends, the Bogrov shelter is funded trhough donations only. To be able to shelter, feed and care for the dogs – we need your support. To help us help them – please, BECOME A DONOR for Animal Rescue Sofia.

Nadka Notail

Posted on 26 June 2012


The story of Nadka (Hope) is the ordinary story of a typical Sofia stray dog. She is neutered, at some period of her young life (1 or 2 years old) she was shot at and she carries a bullet in her body as a memory. She is not giving any trouble to people, being calm and friendly. Nadka is not a big dog, she weighs 18 kg. Her only distinctive feature is her tail –  a piece of bloody meat, heavily inflamed, without any skin on it. Nobody knows what happened to her tail – it could be a human deed, maybe another dog caused this, or it could be a skin problem which she tried to solve by herself.

It was her tail that attracted the attention of two women from the neighborhood to Nadka. They decided to help her, but unfortunately none of them can offer her shelter. Presently Nadka is in a vet clinic, where her tail is taken care of. The doctors hope amputation of the tail might be avoided. But she will never have a fluffy tail any more.
Maybe Nadka is the friend you need? She will not intrude, she will wait patiently and will be grateful for any sign of love and affection!

Kiwi and Africa

Posted on 20 June 2012

Here is how it went:

Poor black Africa is now left alone without her sister who was adopted. Hope she will soon find the right people too!


Posted on 13 June 2012

After a couple of years wondering around a Sofia neighbourhood, meanwhile neutered and dewormed Sharik found his spot between two huge living blocks with his friend and companion – Lia. Kind people from the block looked after them and everything went smoothly. Till one day the two dogs were claimed to be “agressive” and were locked away in Seslavci without any explanation. And Sharik is such a friendly and kind dog – both with dogs and people, he has a good-natured heart and a friendly temperament.

Whilst in Seslavci Sharik got ill with an urinary infection. So did his friend Lia. Their friends from the neighborhood took them out, treated them in a clinic and then found them a doggy-hotel to stay safely whilst homes are saught for them. A home was found for Lia, but Sharik lingered behind. He is so lonely withoutt a friend – would you give him a chance?

URGENT: Rudy needs a new home!

Posted on 08 May 2012

Rudy is a dog that was rescued from the street – he was found frozen, hungry and very scared. It was an elderly couple that took him in – kind people who took care of him with great love.  They had a hard time – he grew to become a large, energetic dog. But now – when the elderly man fell and broke his arm things became nearly impossible for them.  It is a series of disasters that force the family to look for a new home for Rudy – their older son recently passed and the younger had a stroke…  After all this the poor old woman is urgently calling for help – she wants to find him a loving home as soon as possible, she can’t leave him out in the street. Rudy is 2,5 years old, neutered and vaccinated, very loving, good and spoiled, he loves to run and play. He and his family really need help in this difficult moment. Please, help if you can!

Lunna is now well and happy!

Posted on 04 May 2012

Do you remember Lunna, the 5 kg puppy, kicked by a policeman? Lunna was lucky to find good people like you, who raised money for her not to live on pain, but to have a surgery done on her foot. After that, Lunna was lucky to recover in a foster home, until she is strong and healthy enough.

Today, she is about 10kgs big puppy, blossomed like a black pearl with white paws. Playful, like every 5 month old puppy, Lunna runs and jumps, and there’s nothing left of the once broken paw. She surely though remembers a distant memory that some human being caused her pain, because she is a bit shy with new people, but she quickly relaxes and starts to invite them to play with her. She loves playing with other dogs, but she also is also very successful in playing on her own. She is obedient, she sits, hi five’s and understands “NO”. She attaches easily and is very affectionate, likes the contact with the person, looking after her. Her curiosity doesn’t cease – she comes to you and starts observing what you do, what you have in your hands, can I sniff it. Her appetite also doesn’t cease – she never says “no” to food =}

In other words, Lunna-baloona is now healthy! Completely recovered and еgar for a home and people, who would love what she is – cool and fresh, always ready with ideas for games. If you would like to see Lunna in her full radiance, visit shelter Bogrov, she is expecting you in the first nursery, and if you bring her some treats, she would like you even more!

Rizhko the Just and Sivi the Heroic looking for a home

Posted on 17 April 2012

The names of these fantastic boys comes from the miraculous world of Narnia. But there is nothing miraculous in their story – they’re part of Sofia’s scenery. Another pair of good, calm and loving dogs, surviving day by day on our streets.  In hope that there would be a tomorrow for them, and why not this tomorrow to be in the form of the caring human arms who pet you while on the soft couch, calling you “good boy”.

Rizhko is a 3-4 year old neutered dog. He used to be domestic but due to the crisis has been let free to search for his luck with a note saying “I can’t take care of his anymore”. Now, alone and taught to love and trust people he is so charming, and he longs with all his heart for some attention – runs in front of people he knows so he can get just one more embrace, lies on his back and your heart just doesn’t let you pass him by. Calm, gentle, loving, he gets along well with everyone – people, dogs, and cats.


Sivi is also 3-4 year old neutered boy, with a soft personality and nothing distinctive on the outside, but his heart – it’s huge! Smart, outgoing, understanding and always seeking attention, this greyish pup would enchant you with his charm and kindness!


Unfortunately, both of them are living on the street the moment you’re reading this article. Trying to survive in this gray and cold city. Maybe you recognized your friend in their eyes? Maybe you’re the people who would turn their world around and finish writing their story with “Lived happily ever after… in their own home”!?

If this is the case, don’t waste time – contact us immediately and create your own fairy tale! They would be infinitely thankful and would pay you back with their love in the next 10 years by making you unearthly happy always next to you!


Posted on 13 February 2012

Like a baby

Nelly was found on the street one rainy night as a tiny puppy. She was taken in by kind people, who tried to find a home for her, but couldn’t keep her long.
She is now about 1 year old, sweet, very energetic and friendly. She is a strong girl who already knows quite alot about life, despite her young age.
Nelly is great with dogs and cats, and is crazy about people. She’s lived in an appartment and has a hard time adjusting to the shelter environment. We hope to find her a home fast, she is a great girl really.



See the beautiful sweetheart grow:


Posted on 10 February 2012

This is Lisko (from fox in Bulgarian), also known as the Smile.  Lisko, because of his foxy years and the Smile, because he is extremely bright and seems like he always has 2 candies behind his cheeks.

Lisko is one of the most non-problematic foster dogs we have – he has perfect hygiene, he handles great all living creatures, he is not cheeky and does not make any troubles.

Although he has spent his 3 years of like on the street, he quickly got used to domestic life. He likes to snuggle, and when you’re not in the mood for it, he simply sits down looking at you in the eyes… until you realize that you really want to hug a Lisko. In his heart he carries the freedom and loves long walks.

We are certain, that it would’ve been easy finding his own person, if the photos could show his real personality – charming, kind and infinitely lovable.