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End of our Kremikovtzi project

Posted on 11 October 2012

We entered Kremikovtzi for the first time exactly 2 years ago, October 2010. What we saw there shocked us – the survivors of the metal giant were wondering around it like little shadows, emaciated, wild and starving.

In the begging the dogs were too skinny to be neutered, so we needed to feed before we could neuter any, it also helped us gain their trust, so we were able to catch them more easily

We decided we couldn’t live knowing that these dogs are dying of starvation, cannibalizing the puppies of others to survive.  We began feeding them in order to prepare them for neutering; they were too thin for us to begin without it. With your help in 2 years we managed to neuter most of the females in the area. Over 15 tons of food was gulped down by the hungry dogs of the closed factory. Many animals received medical help for their conditions. One of the 21 shelter cages was always full of dogs for rehoming from the factory.

A few of the dogs we rehomed from the factory

Today we put an end to this campaign. In time we lost our old romantic idea that we could completely solve the problem locally. New animals began appearing at the scene whilst donations grew scarce – our work there became old news. What is more, our work there began to affect the work we did in the shelter, in our Spay/Neuter center and what is worse: we began questioning ourselves – whether we are not worsening the situation with our presence, since too many new animals were being dumped there.

Emergency cases that we will never forget: The 3-legged boy survived miraculously, but the poor German Shepherd dumped there to be picked up by us died from the after-efects of his fall in an asphalt pit

We put an end to this project and we almost feel as we are traitors, but we are too few and have too little to spend it on something that doesn’t have a long-lasting effect. What is more – we work by the Neuter&Return “laws”, however difficult the “Return” part is for all of us. So we thank you. We thank you honestly and from our hearts for the help you sent to the factory dogs. You can be sure of it – it was not in vain. The lives of hundreds of dogs were saved through the food, Spay&Neuter, the medical treatments, the new homes we found. The permanent residents of the area are mostly neutered, pups are no longer being born to die inside the metal monster.

We had to set up a local Spay/Neuter clinic on two occasions, because there were too many emergency females and we needed to hurry. Most dogs were neutered at the shelter, though.

It is with the adoptions of two girls from Kremikovtzi that we want to mark the end of this campaign. Mandira and Granny Bonka, as well as tens of their “brothers in arms” are living in Heaven with their new families:

Granny Bonka arrived in Germany last week. This tiny sweet old dog is one of the few oldies we found in the factory. Smart, calm and careful she managed to survive long years in the hostile environment for long years. She deserved to be happy, even though we knew she would be hard to rehome. She remained in the shelter for quite a while, but the magic worked and she finally begun living her dream life. We are so happy we managed to secure a happy ending for this great lady, she truly deserved it.

Two weeks ago the happy bell also rang for our Madira. A sweet and incredibly beautiful dog that has so many special marks – her blue eye, her amazing color and of course – her crooked leg.  Everything about her says “choose me, I am special!” and she did manage to speak to Mrs Iliana Karatoncheva who offered her love and care. Now Mandira is known as Karry (From Caramel) and is enjoying her apartment life together with the 10-year old family cat.

The amazing two-legged dog Nenny from Kremikovtzi when we picked her up and in her own wheel-cart, happily rehomed in Belgium

Max from Kremikovtzi in his new home

Posted on 19 May 2012

We’ve received a letter from Mr.Dieter Buschmann – about sweet Maximillian, who is now called Jerry. Max was one of our Kremikovtzi dogs – a sweet little guy we picked up from the factory – very hungry and very friendly.

Dieter writes that Max is a wonderful dog and is getting along just fine with everyone – with his new human, canine and feline friends! After the long months at the shelter where his only bed was the hard concrete floor – Max spends his time happily dozing about, eating and relaxing. What a happy guy!

“After a good play it’s time for a long nap. Wake us up when it’s time for dinner!”

22 dogs have arrived safely in Germany and Austria

Posted on 24 April 2012

Another fabulous transport has safely reached Germany and Austria carrying 22 lucky dogs on board! This time our travellers are from the heavyweight category – most of them large, unwanted mutts who couldn’t find love and happiness here in Bulgaria.

We are very pleased that we were able to send a large group of dogs from Kremikovtzi with this transport – as you know cage 14 at the shelter is booked for them only. As soon as there is some free space – we take in new dogs from the run-down factory.

Besides the orphans of Kremikovtzi this transport was also a ticket to heaven for a large group of dogs who’ve lived with us for over 6 months. There are also a number of fostered dogs as well as one lucky guy who left straight from the municipal shelter in Seslavci. So, here they are, these 22 happy souls:

Kremikovtzi dogs:

Rossy is one of those wonderful, calm animals who love you very much, but aren’t pushy. Calm and stable she is a clever dog who must have learnt quite a few lessons whilst living her hard life at Kremikovtzi.

Lilly (who is everyone’s favorite) became the spoiled little baby of our d-r Stankova. She is a dog who believes to be a kangaroo – spends most of her time standing on her two legs, begging for some love and attention. Her lovely son Zhivko is still with us – he is just like her, you are not late to find the love of your lifetime =}

Milly is a dog we know from the first time we entered Kremikovtzi. Back then she has some puppies that we rehomed, we neutered and put her back outside. Later on we decided to try and rehome her – she is such a wonderful dog! You’d not be surprised to find out that Milly was rehomed on her second day in Austria! What a wonderful outcome for this wonderful girl!

Maximilian or simply Max is somewhat of an idiot! Although he is absolutely perfect with people and such a tiny little dog – he insisted to prove to much larger males that he is the true macho! And for that – he got quite kicked around. We had him for some time for nourishment and then neutered and released him. But Max was being stupid on the street as well, the other males bullied him and didn’t let him access the food, so we had to take him back. Males! Stupid males! Anyway, that is all behind him now, everything will be fine.

Berta is a dog who came to the shelter accidentally. She appeared out of nowhere at the factory one day – pregnant, we hadn’t seen her before. We neutered and returned her. The next time Marietta and Vessy went over to Kremikovtzi they were supposed to pick up a number of dogs, but couldn’t find one they were planning to bring over to the shelter. Whilst they were wondering what to do Berta came over and simply got into the car. What a smart dog!

Milka (or Shokoladka) is a lovely dog from the large group of animals that live at the gated of Kremikovtzi. She has been greeting our car from hundreds of meters away, she knows and loves us – a very lively and kind dog.

Old friends from Bogrov:

Ochka or Ari is a dog we got at the gipsy neighborhood. She was pregnant, skinny and tied to a 70 cm chain. Her so-called owner didn’t mind giving her up to us, he was going to kick her out on the street with the puppies anyway. At the shelter it turned out she was a fantastic dog! Friendly, curious, sweet and despite her having one eye less – it was clear she would be rehomed quite quickly.


Josh – absolutely lovely as you can see. He left together with his sisters Mia and Nia. The three of them are siblings with Dorothy and Kevin – dumped in a box outside. The people who took Dorothy (she left for Germany a month ago) were so impressed with her that they wrote to ask us if she had any relatives that needed help. Why certainly!


Nelly was found as a tiny little baby – newly dumped at an apartment block building. She is very smart, very lively, very playful – just a wonderful friendly soul. Unfortunately when she arrived from her fosters home to the shelter she thought she could climb up the hierarchy. She was bitten quite badly on numerous occasions. When she lost her tail we decided it was too dangerous for her and moved her to the “outsiders group” in the outside enclosures. There she was very satisfied and made many friends. She became a huge fat lady; hopefully her new owners will quickly fix that little habit of hers.


Amanda is one of Tansy’s babies. Tansy left for Germany a couple of months ago and left her daughter very sad and miserable. Although she came with her mother and siblings Amanda never learnt to cope at the shelter and was feeling very unhappy. Contrary to her sister Payton, by the way, who is loving her life with us.


Jilly is a sister to Tasha – the dog who made it to the calendar and was adopted by Elena Yontcheva, the famous Bulgarian journalist. Jilly is the last of the litter – finally everyone is rehomed!!! It was a bunch of stray-looking babies, 10 of them, dumped in a box by the trash. Put a big “happy end” sign to this story!

Parker is a puppy from the neighboring village – Musachevo. Our colleagues had gone there for lunch and guess who was shivering and looking miserable under the post-office stairs??? Crooked legs, sad eyes – of course they would pick him up! Lucky for him, he will have a wonderful home despite his crooked legs.

Fostered dogs rehomed:


Gia is a wonderful dog who was lucky to have a wonderful foster family. Lucky and kind and pretty and smart… God was generous when he was giving her so many lovely qualities!

Sarah looks like she is a crossbred Turkish Kangal or maybe some other large guard dog. She is so gentle and pretty, but that wouldn’t stand in the way of people who want to harm her – large dogs are most hated on the streets of Sofia. This beautiful and kind lady will be quick to find a loving family in her new homeland.

Bimba was supposed to come for neutering only, but we fell in love with her kind attitude. Luckily the volunteers who brought her agreed to foster and prepare her for the trip. Such a lovely dog!

Berta, Berry and Rizhko were looked after by a kind woman who is an active Spay/Neuter volunteer. She has neutered half of the animals in her neighborhood – how sad that there aren’t more people like her, we wouldn’t have had this stray dog problem. Anyway – she was neutering and saving many dog, but in time they just became too many, so we tried to help her by rehoming these three – all of them rescued from near-death situations on the Sofia streets.

Artos is a dog from Seslavci, he spent quite some time at d-r Stankova’s foster home. A lovely dog and you can see even on photos what a stable, happy-go-lucky guy he is. One of those favorite dogs – stands like a rock and nothing can shake him up. Plus – he loves people greatly!

Bialo” means white. Means he didn’t even have a name here in Bulgaria. He took off straight from Seslavci – since there was no space neither at Bogrov, neither at any fosters the white boy was prepared for his journey by d-r Stankova at Seslavci. He will be so happy to find there is love and comfort now in Germany!

So, what do you think, what kind of day are these 22 lucky ones having today? Do you think that they are like people – wandering what happened with disbelief, or are they simple-hearted dogs who accept the reality such as it is and just enjoy their new happy lives??? It must be the second choice. We can never be sure what goes on in their minds, but we can surely say that we are very happy!

Regards to our restless Nadia Stancheva who seeks, finds and organizes transports sending our dogs to lovely organizations abroad. Regards to Petar and Valko who have once again driven the dogs safe and sound to their new destination. Regards to all our donors who have saved so many innocent lives. Well done to all of us!

Regards from Sherry to her brothers in arms still in Kremikovtzi

Posted on 09 April 2012

We have received a word from Sherry – a lovely Kremikovtzi dog that was adopted over a little more than a month by the kind Iskra Assenova and her gentle pug.

Sherry is being so good and obedient!

Today Sherry has put on some weight and is gradually getting accustomed to the fact that love and comfort will be a permanent part of her life. Happy as no other dog, Sherry is simply melting with joy – loving the care, food and comfort she received so unexpectedly by the kindness of Iskra.

Sherry is friends with everyone – homeless or owned…

Meanwhile, unlike her – Sherry’s brothers and sisters at Kremikovtzi are still counting on the little we are able to bring them. The Kremikovtzi orphans, most of which are neutered by us already have no other choice then to wonder around hungry and unwanted and look for food which is scarce in many kilometers radius.

We have reserved one of the Bogrov cages only for Kremikovtzi dogs and hope in time to be able to rehome at least a part of the Kremikovtzi dogs. Look HERE for the current factory group – although the pictures don’t show it, most of these dogs are really Small – just like Sherry – under 10 kilograms. These friendly and kind animals will be the happiest dogs in the world if someone would chose them for their best friends…

Feeding the dogs at Kremikovtzi, March 2012

To give them a much needed meal – DONATE HERE

The dogs of Kremikovtzi may not look special, but have kind and loving soulssome of them prefer to come to you for a hug before eating, no matter that they are straving

The friendship of dogs

Posted on 26 March 2012

Maybe you’ve missed one of our favorite galleries – dogs and kids, take a quick snap. For us, this is the prettiest sight – a good child and a good dog, learning together how to do good things.

An organized volunteer group of Anglo-American school students at the shelter this winter

You probably know we’re open for all volunteers, including the littlest. Unfortunately, from all schools, just one responded – the amazing Anglo-American school of Sofia. Children of all ages come to the shelter to help. They also made a workshop, through which they raised funds and bought dog food, they come to walk them regularly, etc..

Today, we’d like to show you this picture of Koko who is first grade. These are Romul and Rem from the puppygarten:

A picture of Romul and Rem at the puppygarten, by Coco, 1st grade AAS student

Together with the picture there is one touching, semi-real, semi-made up story, which sounds like that:

The friendship of dogs
Romul and Rem were born at the factory. When the shelter found Romul and Rem they were black when they got a bath they were white. Romul and Rem were happy because they had food,   water,   and friends and hopefully they would get adopted. Their   best friend was JarJar. They were sad because JarJar   got adopted. Then one day the same person who adopted JarJar came to the dog room and came to Romul and Rem and adopted Romul and Rem. Romul and Rem are lucky dogs.
By:  Coco

Romul at the shelter and just out of Kremikovtzi before his first bath

It would probably be interesting for you to know that Romul and Rem are indeed brothers and indeed from the Kremikovtsi factory. They were really absolutely dirty when they arrived, and later on we found out they were white puppies.  What you probably don’t know is that Monique, the shy beauty is also their sister. While Romul and Rem were happily adopted in Austria, Monique departed for Germany just recently.

Monique (sister to Rem and Romul) at the shelter and as a little puppy just out of Kremikovtzi

It is true that Jar-Jar was adopted, although his wonderful owner did not adopted Romul and Rem, as Koko writes. Why Coco has made a connection between Romul, Rem and Jar-Jar – we can’t tell… Perhaps because they were on neighboring pages in our calendar.

Rem, Romul and Jar-Jar in the 2012 calendar

Special thanks to Svetla Stoyanova who has been organizing everything for the AAS kids to come and help out at the shelter. It is people like you who change things, Svetla!

Coming out of Kremikovtzi

Posted on 08 March 2012

I love you. You saved my life.

This is Maddy from Kremikovtzi – hungry, unwanted, doomed, hopeless…
Let’s start over:

This is Sherry. Sherry who just got her biggest dream fulfilled! Sherry who will be telling her new owner Iskra Asenova “I love you!” every single day. “Thank you for saving me!”
Besides a wonderful human family, Sherry now also has a pug friend to invent mischef with to the joy and amazement of their proud owners.

But what was her destiny? Where would Sherry be today if she hadn’t been among the ones chosen to be taken into the Bogrov shelter? She would probably be trembling somewhere in the snow with an emty stomach and a desperate heart.

I was so hungry for so long that I will never be able to control my appetite.” Belka was rehomed in Germany.

We’ve been working in Kremikovtzi since the end of 2010. Much was achieved during this time. With your help hundreds of animals received food and medical help in this man-made desert.

When we began working in Kremikovtzi the factory was still property of the state and had a handful of workers wandering about it unpaid and restless. Today the factory has been sold and the new owners know what the future is. And they are positive – it doesn’t iclude any of the factory’s own orphans – the dogs. It is forbidden to feed the animals inside and through a few wholes in the frnce, divided in small groups the skinny dogs leave their grounds in a final durvival effort.

Our work in Kremikovtzi is nearing it’s end. We’ve neutered many animals, but we can’t say we neutered “all of them” or “most of them”, because this barren wasteland surprises us with new lost children every time we visit even after all these months.

From here on we will concentrate on rehoming as many of these dogs as possible. Don’t pass them by – take a look at the latest group of survivours HERE. They may not be glossy, but they have amazing souls if you have the eyes to see them.

I was so small and so frightened, I need love to get over this nightmare.” Monique was rehomed in Germany.

What have we achieved during our 16 months in Kremikovtzi:

  • We fed the dogs 11 500kg of food
  • Neutered 131 female dogs
  • Rehomed 37 adults and puppies
  • Took care of 62 injured and ill animals

We thank all the generous and kind people who have helped in the past and are continuing to help today financialy. We are still in need of support for all the food, medicines and transport costs for our Kremikovtzi buddies. To help them – donate HERE.

With the kind help of our friend Frank Nadler we finally have a translation to Ivan Kulekov’s film about our work. It includes much about Kremikovtzi dogs. Do take the time to watch it if you have not seen it yet:

Kremikovtsi kids on the way to happiness

Posted on 23 February 2012

As you know, thanks to your donations, for many months we were feeding, neutering and vaccinating over 200 dogs in Kremikovtsi, left alone in the dark, unwelcoming and dangerous setting of this once prosperous factory.
A year and a half later, there’s not much work left for us. The number of dogs has vastly reduced, neutered and pretty well fed. The new security do not have any attitude towards the dogs, so they start to migrate on their own towards closer populated areas, seeking food and asylum. A large part of them are now located on the outskirts of the factory and we’re expecting them to leave the factory soon and look for happiness elsewhere.

Our last visit there was on purpose – we wanted to give chance of new home and life to some of the dogs. This way, now in the shelter we have this group of 18 heroes, who have been through the hell called Kremikovtsi.

First meetings with part of the group:



Many long months, after over 2000 workers were dismissed from the factory, the outcast dogs were left to wander through the dark plant and piled up pieces of iron, in the gray, concrete city.  Without any human embraces to get used to; without love to keep them warm; without food to comfort them and without water to sustain them.  This is how Kremikovtsi is becoming a jungle and an arena – only the strongest survive. We cannot even imagine what they all have been through – where did they sleep, what did they eat, in what conditions did they grow their puppies in, how lonely and cold they were, how unknown and dangerous the world seemed to them. For some, the rest of the dogs were enemies, for others – potential food victims, for still others – their biggest fear or salvation, but for all, their life has been one 24 hour true hell.

Being used to being hungry, sick and in pain, these animals over-suffered for several lives in advance. Many of them were in pain not only psychologically, but physically as well. Due to the constantly awaiting dangers everywhere, we have dogs with missing fingers, twistedly healed paws, twisted jaws, and tics, regularly unfed and more than stressed. Therefore now we would like to find them the most suitable homes in which they would find happiness, love, and joy from games with ball, doggy treats, regular feeding and free running, warm beds.
Because during their short stay with us, these unlucky creatures have surprised us with their tenderness and appreciation. Even though they have communicated so little with humans in the last few years, the Kremikovtsi dogs are a living proof that the dog is born to love the human!

We are warning that the age we give them is extremely approximate, because due to the bad feeding, their teeth are in very bad condition and it is hard to decide on their exact age.


Jivko is 1 year old and is son Of Lilly, who is also with us. He does not stop dancing and jumping around which made it harder for us to take a photo of him. He is very good-hearted and loveable.


Pedro is about 6 months old and is in the factory since recently. He is small, and would not grow much – he would be 15kilos at most. With a slightly twisted jaw, turned-up nose, he feeds so well that he looks like a pregnant bug. He is absolutely charming with that twisted face, and he’s very affectionate.


In the factory we called her Boney, because she looked like a bag full of bones. She still needs more feeding. At this stage she is afraid and mistrustful to people, but she would relax. She is also small of stature.


Newcommers from Kremikovtzi

Posted on 02 September 2011

Doctor Stankova pouring bags of food through the door of one of the closed factory blocks

Kremikotzi has become somewhat of a symbol for everything that happened in Bulgaria in the last 20 years. A grandomanic factory, sucked-out, abandoned, destroyed… seems like it will have a very different future, perhaps this abandoned metal desert will live again. And the dogs? “The hell with the dogs!”.

No can do. We can’t agree. The dogs are also orphans of the metal monster and have a right to live. Thanks to you – the donors of Kremikovtzi, their life has become very different in comparison to what it was just 10 months ago, when we first entered this forsaken ground.

It is thanks to you and the food you are giving them that they have a chance of survival at all. And surviving looks like this to them:

Bringing food to the starving is an excellent thing to do, but without Spay and Neuter the situation at Kremikovtzi will never imporve. That is why we take dogs for neutering on every visit at the shelter. Our Ford has room for 2 crates at the back and those are never empty when the car returns from the factory. The only time we don’t take dogs for neutering is when there is an emergency for a dog at Kremikovtzi and it needs to go to the clinic.

Neutering females is of course our priority. The kind eyes you see below belong to two very sweet ladies who came back with us to the shelter this week. It is much easier to take dogs for neutering now, when they are not in such a horrible state:

It has been 10 months of our work at Kremikovtzi and we visit the dogs 2 times minimum every week. The results are obvious, but the scale is so impossibly huge, that there are surprises waiting for us on every visit – the factory is 25 sqare kilometers large!

This week the new dogs we took from the factory are 4 tiny babies. They were born in one of the closed blocks at the western end. Here are 3 of the quartet:

3 sweet boys who had never met a human, but somehow got a grip of themselves and are slowly becoming people-friendly. The 4-th one, a girl who wants nothing to do with people will be socialised during her treatment and hopefully get the idea that we mean no harm to her. She will, eventually – Vessy is much more stubborn than any stubborn puppy – she can make even a dinosour beg for attention, we are sure of it.

Onse again – thank you for donating for the dogs of Kremikovtzi. Your help saves lives.

Kremikovtzi in August

Posted on 25 August 2011

Of course we have continued to feed the Kremikovtzi dogs 2 times a week throughout August despite the food and personell shortage.

Besides the dry food we always bring them, the dogs were very lucky to get a wonderful fresh chicken donation, although Vessy was not as excited of it’s distribution for obvious reasons.

The Animal Rescue Sofia car is recognized by the hundreds of hungry dogs at the factory – and they come running when they hear the engine or Vessy’s usual whistle that tells them: “food, food, food is coming!”.

Even with only 2 meals a week the dogs are happy and healthy. There are rarely sceletons to see as little Ohra we told you about a few weeks ago, we have managed to keep the dogs in a normal condition and with the heat outside some have even been able to store some fat for the long winter days ahead.

On the first photo you see Ohra when we took her in, on the second you see Ohra today – 3 weeks into her treatment at the clinic. She is still shy and weary of people, but has recoverd from her illness and is slowly gaining weight.

On the photo below you can see a group of hungry and excited dogs greeting D-r Stankova on her feeding/medication visit to the factory last week. It is thanks to your support that there is hope and life for these innocent animals. Thank you so much for helping them. To join our effort in keeping them alive and healthy DONATE for the dogs of Kremikovtzi.

Kremikovtzi – life goes on

Posted on 04 August 2011

Another week in Kremikovtzi – feeding, neutering and caring for the nearly 300 dogs living on hardly anything in the bankrupt factroy.

As usual the dogs are greeting Vessy and Peter with wagging tails, happy and joyful to get their routine meal.

As we have written already – we have a small summer financial crisis. So the Kremikovtzi doggies got a part of their meal in doggie biscuits – a fact they actually quite enojoyed – variety is always joyful for the dogs.

As always we took back bitches for neutering. The Kremikovtzi dogs are always so kind and thankful for any effort and care. Although they have had so little human contact in past years these ladies from Kremikovtzi are just another proof dogs are mans best freind…

Here the girls are photographed in the clinic quarantine, waiting to be neutered. They will go back to the factory when they have recovered from the sergery. They will also be dewormed and vaccinated.

We also took in this sweet lady whom we had never seen before – a lady we called Ohra. One of the workers told Vessy “I think there’s one dying over there” and Vessy went up to see what was going on. Little Ohra was trying to walk up to her, but could hardly stand. She was taken into the clinic for treatment and is being fed and treated. Hopefully she will recover, we will neuter her and then set her free back into the plant.


To help us feed and care for the dogs of KremikovtziDONATE for their meals and medical costs. Thank you for not forgetting these orphans – Kremikovtzi can be so cruel and hungry…

Rest in peace, Dzift…

Posted on 25 July 2011

We have many different cases of animals in need every single day. Some we are able to help, some not, but there are those that touch your heart so deeply you can hardly go on when you don’t succeed. Dzift, the abandoned German Shepherd from Kremikovtzi was one of them…

We found Dzift last Monday in Kremikovtzi. Poor boy had fallen into an asphalt pit just hours after our team left the plant on Friday. The workers forgot to call us and only let us know about him three days later when we arived for our Monday visit. We rushed to the pit and found a horrid site: the lovely, huge boy was lying helpless and stuck in the heat and poison of the pit, unable to move, severely dehydrated, covered in asphalt, but still trying to wag his tale for us.

We were shocked. Dzift was immedeately pulled out and rushed to the clinic – we feared it was too late for him as he had been licking his feet trying to get the sticky hot asphalt off, plus some part of the substance had already been absorbed through his skin. But how to wash it off??? We consulted tens of people till we got the right advice – the best way to get asphalt off a dog is to wash him with oil over and over and over…

Dzift and our shelter team spent long days in the bathroom, we washed him till both us and him were too exhausted to stand on our feet. 8 litres of oil were used for a single bath and the asphalt slowly began to come off his coat. We kept Dzift on infusions and medication and were incouraged by his desire to survive, both him and us did all that was in our strenght to make it through this. We promissed him the best of families if he just grabbed on to life, we so hoped he would make it… But it was too late.

Dzift passed away. He died of poisoning and there was nothing to do. Only to cry and hope there is a place were good dogs go. A place where we would meet some day without a single worry… Rest in peace, Dzift. Rest in peace and be happy wherever you are now, dear boy. We will always remember and love you for the brave and kind soul you were.

20 dogs and 2 cats now happy Austrian citizens!

Posted on 19 July 2011

With joy to see them go off to their happy life we wave goodbye to 22 loved ones as they start their lives anew with our friends and colleagues at STIBI’S HUNDEPARADIES in Austria! Thank you Sandra, Yvonne and Andrea for saving and caring for so many Bulgarian dogs!

Here is the group of  lucky doggies who will face a life of love and security with loving Austrian families:

Amazing boy Yanush waited for many months to find loving people here in Bulgaria. We were sure that with his story, his good luck, his wonderful character he would go home real fast, but – no luck. Yanush was stuch at his fosters 4 months and became a beautiful big boy. He will be quickly adopted in Austria!

Alfonso, Dury and Rambo – abandoned littermates who will know nothing about lonelyness thanks to Stibi’s Hundeparadies!

Muffy and Duffy – two little angels dumped in the freezing winter cold, nearly died of hipothermia. The ladies were taken care of by Poli Samokovlieva who fostered them to health and happiness.

Anna and Maria – two wonderful little girls from Kremikovtzi, born and raised in a lonely, hungry environment, but still so playful and fond of people!

Ayris and Lacho – two pups from the VIVACOM crew – lucky little sweeties, who will bring much joy and happiness to their new owners!

The two ladies Dushka and Sheila have been through much, but will now be rewarded. Dushka was terribly hit by a car, had a serius sergery and has now completely recovered. And Sheila was abandoned on the street in a horrible state, covered with tumors, half-dead. We operated and took care of her till she completely recovered. Both lucky ladies will have happy lives – nothing like the ones they had here.

Duston, Goofy and Elinor all come from different backgrounds, but with the same destiny. They were all abandoned to die as little puppies. Whilst so many other dogs had no chance, these three lucky girls and a boy have started their lives anew now with no recollection of what was before…

Kicky and Franky would be one of those “invisible dogs” at the shelter if they were not chosen to go to Austria. Not because they have any problem – both are sweet, gentle, people-loving and well behaved. They had no chance because of their color – people hardly adopt black or grey dogs, even when they are so gentle and loving as these two.

Mia and Lisa – two wonderful, soft souls – both beauties and sweethearts. How could they not have a home here… what a shame. We are very happy they will never know anything about hunger and loneliness!

Last, but absolutely not least – Chorapcho and Tillie – two wonderful, wonderful cats! They will live a fabulous life as house cats in a farm! We are so happy they will enjoy a free and interesting life! Both have been through so much hardship and grief, it is wonderful to see them safe finally!

Lucky, lucky, lucky, thats what they are! CLICK HERE to see more dogs adopted in Austria through the wonderful work of Stibi’s Hundeparadies!