Please, help Bubi live

Posted on 19 February 2015

We realize only a week ago you’ve already helped us for the operations of Stefan and Jorje.

We realize we can’t help everyone.

We realize Bubi is not a breed dog or a sweet puppy with certain future.



We realize Bubi is only a 5-6 years old dog with a broken spine.

We realize spine operations are costy and unsure. We realize she’ll probably never get adopted and even if we manage to find the huge amount for her operation; even if the operation is successful, she willprobably stay in our shelter forever.

We are not stupid, we know it. But without operation, Bubi will die. And despite everything we mentioned, we want Bubi to live. We want to help her. Would you?


We need 1350 levs for her urgent operation. Please, help! Please, donate for Bubi’s life!

Our bank details:


37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG


IBAN for BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954

IBAN for EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation

23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG

You can also donate via Paypal and Epay or on spot at Central Vet Clinic.


Once again: 24 new lives

Posted on 17 February 2015

Another great trip gave homes and happiness to 24 of our doggies!

We thank our partners from Holland for being there for our less fortunate animals!

The first one is the Daughter – we named her so, because she was walking after d-r Polly Ilieva like a duckling after his mother. She had a very bad street life – she was hit by car at least twice and as a result of the bad way the bones healed, her hips were so tight, that she couldn’t eat any hard food. Noone wanted to adopt her here, but thank God the Dutches don’t mind giving wet food forever.



6 puppies, abandoned near our shelter and found at the very last moment, before they go out on the main road. They spent 3 month in a foster home and now finally went home for good. By the way, they aren’t usually pink, but their blanket was red and painted them…





Probably some of you recongized in them Michail and Michaela – yes, this is them, among their litter. After their weekend in Pets&U when noone liked them, it was about time to grab someone’s heart…



The same story as them have Dori and Dash – they were raised in a foster home, went to the pet shop and then come back to us. Happy end!

Dori (3)


Dash (2)


Freya was adopted few months ago. Recently her owners changed their mind and brought her back to the shelter. Luckily, she spent only a few weeks, before her Dutch happiness to appear!



Kelly and Kary are two sisters, two sweet teddy bears. We were very surpised noone like them here, but anyway, now they are home.


Kari (3)Kelly (4)


One extremely litter came in the Farm a day we found out there is distemper in the shelter. The good thing is they came with their mother, so their immune system was much better.

Here they are – 8 puppies!





Raya is one of the many reasons we don’t like hunters… She was bought for a hunting dog, but as good and lovable as she is, this didn’t work. So, she end up in a shelter. Good thing she end up in our shelter, so now she is home!





Marco is one of our distemper survivers! We are so happy he made it through the bad and now is the time for the good…




Santo and Trick are the last heroes in this saga. They both were found by good people who took care after them until we find a home.




So, this is it! 24 lives saved, more to come!


Monthly report January 2015

Posted on 11 February 2015

Dear friends,

It is time to summarize for you, our donors, volunteers and fans, what we’ve done in the first month of this year.

Well, we couldn’t avoid the crisis and the decrease of the donations made us decrease the number of the staff. Instead of 4 vets and 6 keepers, in the Farm now work 2 vets and 4 keepers.

We finally took the dogs inside their new building! There is still more to do, but little by little we’ll do it by ourselves.


We made the annual revaccination of our dogs. As you know, all our dogs are fully vaccinated and January is the month when about 160 of them need to be revaccinated.

We found new homes for 33 dogs and 16 cats!



We took and placed in foster homes 30 puppies!

We took and placed in foster homes 6 cats!

We had 9 emergent cases. They are 2 dogs, hit by cars,  2 shot by people, 1 fallen in a hole and 3 sick – a cat with pyometra, a dog with cancer and a dog with hypothyroidism.

Vassilena, hit by car

Bono, hit by car


Ivan Grozni (aka Tzako), shot

A cat with pyometra and severe nose infection:



Richi, fallen intestinals:


Sharo, cancer

IMGP5572 (1)

A dog fallen in a hole

DSCN5880 (1)

Valentina, shot



Shushi: Skin disease and hypothyroidism.


We “spent” 3000kg of dog food. 1160kg of it we bought thanks to your purchases of food in Pets&U! The rest was donated by Stibis Hundeparadies!

That’s all for now. If you like our work and want us to continue helping stray animals, you can donate through Paypal, Epay and bank.

And here is the list of the people because of whom all this was made – our donors! Thank you!!!

Gungstiger Umzug GmbH
Web and Events Ltd
Adelina Pandeva
Albena Mancheva
Albena Maslarova
Alexandra Georgieva
Alexandra Zdravkovic
Alexander Kovachev
Alexander Krastev
Alexander Postalkov
Angela Bradbery
Andrey Popov
Andrey Chakalov
Anelija Doichinova
Anelia Stefcheva
Ani Manova
Anrieta Georgieva
Antoniya Ilieva
Antoniya Halacheva
Armine Janjan
Asya Rangelova
B2C Ltd
Blagovest Moskov
Boris Delev
Borislav Arnaudov
Vanya Arie
Vanya Stoyanova
Vasil Pavlov
Venelin Valchev
Vera Antonova
Vera Gilina
Vera Kirova
Vera Roussinova
Vesela Velcheva
Vesselin Beltchev
Viktoriya Avramova
Vilizar Nenov
Virginia Smirnoff
Vladimir Spassov
Vladislav Marinov
Gabriela Tzekova
Galena Dineva
George Potchekanski
Gergana Ivanova
Dannie Chalk
Daniela Veleva
Daniela Popova
Daniela Sirakova
Daniela Handzhieva
Denitza Daskalova
Denitza Minkova
Desislava Dicheva
Desislava Kirilova
Desislava Hristova
Deyan Tsvetanov
J.C. Williams
Diana Kirova
Diana Radoynova
Dimiter Gorov
Dorothea Torrico
Doroteya Fakirova
Eva Berckmans
Evelina Krumova
Ekaterina Voynova
Elena Galinova
Elena Kostova
Elena Papazova
Elena Sabeva
Elza Yoncheva
Elitza Dincheva
Elica Kyoseva
Elitza Nikolova
Zhana Kuncheva
Janeta Shinkova
Zhorzh Iliev
Sornitza Zeiler
Iva Pirincheva
Iva Stanisheva
Ivan Stefanov
Ivana Dacheva
Iveta Ilieva
Ilina Ilinova
Ilka Burdin
Irena Gapova
Irina Zaharieva
Kalina Beyazova
Karolina Sofronieva
Katina Peeva
Kiril Kostov
Klaus-Werner Kleinivos
Kosta Kanchev
Kremena Mineva
Christina Dimitrova
Lilia Maeva
Lina Davitt
Lora Geisler
Lucy Beasly
Lachezar Chizmarov
Lubka Nikolova
Lyubomir Popov
Lyubomir Harizanov
Lyudmila Zheleva
Lyudmila Papazova
Magdalena Tchakar
Margarita Mihaylova
Margreta Panovska
Marieta Dimitrova
Marina Mincheva
Marina Sariyska
Mariya Poryazova
Maria Pucciariello
Maria Sokolova
Marko Haydinyak
Martiana Petkova
Martina Parvanova
Milena Kanurkova
Milena Karamanova
Milena Stanisheva
Mina Valkova
Mitko Iliev
Michael Hermann
Mihaela Raykova
ML Stoychev
Nadejda Danailova
Nadezhda Milkovska
Nadezhda Radeva
Neven Popov
Nevena Karadimova
Neviana Sokolova
Neda Kuzmanova
Nezabravka Zapryanova
Nelly Kistner
Nikolay Balov
Nina Heins
Niya Atanasova
Niya Ignatova
Pepa Yakova
Peter Armyanov
Peter Mitrov
Radosveta Stamenkova
Radostina Ermenkova
Right image Ltd
Ralitza Savova
Raia Miteva
Rina Romano
Rositza Georgieva
Roumen Ourumov
Rumyana Dimitrova
Rumyana Lazar
Svetla Fox
Svetlana Stefanova
Svetlin Chobanov
Sibila Ivanova
Silviya Georgieva
Silvia Doytchinov
Simeon Manolov
Sirma Tzokeva
Siana Radkova
Snezhanka Georgieva
Srebrina Mileva-Mitchell
Stanislav Trifonov
Stanislava Veleva
Stella Mateeva
Stefan Tihtchev
Stefania Tapela
Temenuzhka Asenova
Teodora Petrova
Teodora Hristova-Semerdzie
Tom Chesser
Foodpanda GmbH
Jesus Gomez Saiz
Hristina Atanasova
Tzvetelina Kostova
Tzvetelina Tunmazova
Tzvetina Ivanova
Tzvetoplama Stoyanova
Tzonko Tzonev
Chavdar Yordanov
Stibis Hundeparadies – Tierschutzve
Juliana Georgieva
Yulkyar Myudzhelit
Iana Angelova
Yana Vasileva
Yasen Vasilev

Regards from the pug Pavlinka

Posted on 11 February 2015

Hello dear people!

Do you remember me? It is me, Pavlinka, the elderly pug.



For about a year and a half I am not with you in the shelter, but at home with my mom and dad. A lot of people thought I won’t live much…. but I am fine and healthy.



I have my everyday rituals: every morning and evening I sing a song, before breakfast and dinner; I always tell my mom when I need to go out and in the evenings I always make mom and dad take me on the couch, so I can watch TV with them. Sometimes I have to shout at little Max, if he makes Mom and Dad angry or if he wants to eat my food… Of course, every night I spent with Mom and Dad in the bed – otherwise I cannot sleep. Probably this is because my stay on the street… But everything is OK now.



I am so happy! Щастлива съм!
I have jackets, a wide choice of nice food, Mom and Dad take me with them everywhere – even on the seaside! I have a young friend – Max (he is a pug as well) and sometimes he is the one who takes care after me, and other times – I need to act as his mother. We are very attached to each other. …
I even have a doctor of my own – D-r Genov from the Central Vet Clinic. He watches for my health and calls me “My darling”.



I want to thank you for saving me from the street and gave me to my Mom and Dad!

I also want to thank you, that you keep on saving other unfortunate doggies like me!

I wish you all the best in this year and to tell you one more time how happy am I!

I attached and some photos of me, to see how fine I am.

Kindest regards,



CRY FOR HELP: Stephan and Jorje need you

Posted on 05 February 2015

So far, Stefan undoubtedly got lucky. After the appearance of photos and videos on Facebook, showing the dire situation of the front legs, many people committed to help him. In the life of this homeless dog in Varna, appeared Alexander and his friends. They found him a temporary home and took care of him while finding an option.





When we went to Sevlievo to take him (Alexander managed to organize his transport from Varna to Sevlievo), we found him much better looking, thanks to the food and care he had in his foster home:



But now we have the task to take care of his feet. He needs arthrodesis on his both legs to walk again normaly and without pain. Despite the special prices weget in Central vet clinic, his operation would cost 700 BGN.

Jorge is a typical rural “pet” cat. His story is also typical for rural cat. About a month ago he was shot with an air rifle. His leg was broken and as the time passed it cicatrized badly. Yesterday, limp and helpless,  Jorge again met a “man”. He was kicked. The kick broke not only the already broken leg, but his spine as well. Naturally, the idea of paid vet was not on the öwner’s”agenda, so Jorge was abandoned in the Farm.

According to Dr. Zlatinov the chances of full recovery of Jorge are big. But there is no time to wonder – the leg should be break again at the old fracture and adjusted properly and to fix the new fracture. More urgent, however, is fixing the spine. Operations 3 in 1, which will exceed 1000lv.



We are already owe money to CVC, because of Valentina and some old patients who needed nail removes.

Unfortunately, we do nota have 1700lv for Stefan and Jorge.
The amount is huge, we know that, but we have no choice but to asking you for help. Both guys have no chance without you!
If you want to  help us saving Stefan and Jorje,you can donate by epay, paypal or bank. You can also donate for them on spot at Central Vet Clinic (just don’t forget to say the name of the animal you want to donate for).
The chances of raising the whole amount are small, so, please, mention the name of the animal you would like to donate for. We will not be able to decide alone whose life to to save …



Ladies and gentlemen – the Dutches

Posted on 29 January 2015

Here we present you the new group of animals which changed the harsh Bulgarian reality with new homes in Holland!

IMG_6274   It is said that black dogs are adopted most rarely. For Bulgaria, it is valid for brown dogs. Being brown is the only “bad” thing we can say about Otto – he spent with us years and years, and all this time he was the best dog! Sadly, noone adopted him, because of his browness… But enough – he is now with people, who can see beyond the color and straight in his heart!  We cannot be happier for him right now!


Holly   Arda, Roxy and Holly are from our distemper survivers. They have struggled for their lives a lot, but  as you can see, it worths it – they are now healthy and at home!


Bush and PliumDiesel and Melody


Bush&Plium and Melody&Diesel are out of litters, prepared for adoption in foster homes and didn’t get lucky during their adoption weekends in Pets&U. Well, it obviously was so, because their happiness was in the land of the tulips:)

Yori-male-15.09.2014    So it was for Yory – his sister was adopted, and he stayed to wait for his future. Good thing he didn’t wait for too long…


Galin-male-15.09.14   This is Galin. Or used to be – new country, new home, new name…

Koko-male-15.09.14   Koko

Luna-female-15.09.14   and Luna – different puppies, same story – dumped as tiny puppies, found and raised by wonderful foster families. For us was left the last part of the rescue – finding new homes. Done!

10656399_10203694852709440_493879724_n   We couldn’t believe, when our partners told us they would like to take Athena – for years in the shelter, she never stopped being anxious and scared, when around people. It seems the only thing she needed was a home – we already see photos of her, cuddling in bed with her fosters in Holland.


Maya, female, 06.2014Mika-female-11.2013

Pinkoleta - 20.05.2014-2   Last, but not least, are the kitties! Five of them will now purr away from the streets of Sofia!

We want to thank our partners in Holland, for helping this wonderful gang and our supporters and donors, for helping the happy end happening! 18 animals saved! Thousands to go!


Sharo’s new home

Posted on 27 January 2015

When we took the signal for Sharo – a dog with a huge tumor on the head – we were hoping we can help him.



After the tests and examinations, we felt desperate – there was nothing we could do to safe him.



There was only one good news – Sharo isn’t in pain. So, if we could find him a home, he could spend his last days (or weeks, or months) happy, calm and loved…

But is it even possible? Finding a person, who’d love Sharo even with this huge scary tumor on his face, sounds impossible. Is there such a person, who’d `take a dog,  for which we know won’t live long?

Well, here’s the answer – Sharo was adopted!
IMGP5572 (1)

Our vet, d-r Marieta Stankova, decided Sharo is too sweet to spend alone his final time. She decided, after he was betrayed by the humans when he needed them most, she can at least try to comfort him and give him warmth, security and love.

Now Sharo shares a coach with our great Marieta, Diva (also adopted from us a few years ago) and Ochko (an abandoned old one-eyed dog she saved from the street)!



Marieta says Sharo is very happy and gratefull! We are happy and gratefull as well! Thank you, Marieta, for being such a great person!

We wish you and Sharo many more happy days!




During Saturday

Posted on 26 January 2015

It was supposed to be a calm Saturday here, in the Farm, as it was a working day.
Instead of this there were:

101 good fellows

Exactly 95 volunteers joined our 6 people from the staff during this rainy Saturday!
We are xtremely happy that so many people decided to dedicate their day in helping the animals:)


Each of our 200 dogs got more than one hour personal attention!


Thank you, dear friends and come back soon!

A chance one in a million!

This is one lucky friend! He fell down in a trap in an abandoned and ruined house and the chances that someone hear or see him were so, so minimal!
He stayed there for many, many days, when suddenly Lolita and Simeon entered that place to see shoot a movie. The rest is clear – they saw him and called us. This is what out people saw when reached the place:

DSCN5880 (1)

We took him:


And examined him:


He is about 6-7 years old boy and spent not less than a week in this trap! He is extremely dehydrated and infected – he wounded his mouth when he fell and a week (at least a week) later the infectiin is severe!


Now, when he is safe, everything looks much more better!


To survive a carcrash like a boss!

A chubby lady did it – survived a car crash like a boss – she was lucky enough to be taken by eyewitnesses, immediately brought to the Farm, examined and sent to the Central Vet Clinic!


Her broken elbow needed a surgery. And got it.

photo (1)

Of course, we already owed money in the clinic and now we made a second operation without actually paying it, but -look at her – how could we say no?!?

So, that was our Saturday. A normal day in the Farm…

Oh, Valentina!

Posted on 21 January 2015

We don’t want to comment on people’s behaviour any more…
What is this? Sickness, sadism or what?

This is Valentina. We received a signal for a dog, bleeding for hours on the street.



An urgent visit to d-r Zlatinov in Central Vet Clinic showed us what happened with her – she was shot, from a very close distance and with hundreds of pellets inside. There were two fractures on the leg and no time for thinking, so d-r Zlatinov made an operation to try saving her leg. It will cost us nearly 1000levs, which we couldn’t pay, but there was no time for doubts…



Valentina is less than one year old. We really hope that this was the worst part of her life and the good is to come…

If you want to support us in saving dogs like her,
you can donate or buy our wonderful calendar! 

Cross your fingers for her!




Long trip home

Posted on 19 January 2015

And again we have multiple good news! What kind of news? Well, it includes a long trip, new homes, wagged tales and happy faces – both human and animal faces!

Here, let us introduce you some new Austrians!

Alfred is a 9 months old cocker spaniel. In his short life, until now  he had 3 homes. His first owner abandoned him at a friend’s and never came back for him. The second person decided to give Alfred in our shelter, but in front of “The Farm” he met someone who wanted to adopt a dog from us. They talked and decided the easiest way for them is that the candidates just take Alfred – no contracts, no interviews, no questions… Well, it didn’t work well, and a few months later the third owner left Alfred at our place and told us his long story. He is a cutie and we never understood why he wasn’t chosen during his stay with us, but the most important fact is- from now on,  Alfred’s home will be a forever home!


This sweet husky came to “The Farm” several months ago. We are very happy Snowflake is no longer a farmer, but we must admit – we will miss her. She has a great character and a happy personality and she’ll make her owner proud and happy!


Archy is an English setter, found somewhere in the country from a good person. He was barely alive – sick and slim. His rescuer treated him, loved him and fostered him for a whole year. He was healthy, but he needs only special food, which is costy. Probably this is the reason noone wanted to adopt him in Bulgaria and his foster asked us for help. Archy’s people saw him on pictures and decided – he is going to be their dog! We already receive letters from them, telling us they were absolutely right – they are his people and he is their dog!


Paspartu is an Austrian, too. He is a one year old sweetheart, which was adopted as puppy and a few months later - abandoned again. It happened so, that his Bulgarian fostermom 
writes herenow, so happy tears are included. Good bye, sunshine!


Rocko, one year old boy, was found in Sofia and prepared for adoption in a foster home. 
Lucky guy - even from the beginning!


In foster homes were prepared and the youngest Austrians - the puppies.

Santo and his sister had their adoption weekend in Pets&U, but didn't meet their people 
there. Anyway, both got lucky - his sister was adopted here, in Bulgaria a bit later, and Santo decided to learn German instead.


Apollo and Akko are brothers, found in a cemetery. 


Brothers are also Track and Tick. They were found in a forest, together with their mother and sister.


And Amelie was dumped near a vet's cabinet. A good vet, indeed - he fostered and prepared her for adoption.


As always – Kalcho (that’s the name of our van) didn’t come back empty!

Once again, our wonderful Sandra Stibi and her friends not only found loving homes for our doggies, but also managed to collect a tone of dog food!
Dry food for the farmers:
10934320_10203869285957982_1163354572_n (1)


And canned food for the oldies:


With the efforts of so many people, these 11 dogs are no longer unwanted, no longer unhappy!
Thank you, dear Sandra, for loving them as much as we do!
Thank you, dear donors for making this trip possible!
Thank you dear fosters – without you, these puppies wouldn’t be there now!

Hospital at the end of the city

Posted on 13 January 2015

Well, probably it had to be expected. After we took Vasilena, it was normal to find another dogs in trouble on the next big holidays. So, you are about to meet the patients from 6th and 7th of January – which are name days for Ivan and Yardan in Bulgaria. It is also time to update you about Vasilena and, as we started anyway – to let you know about Foxtrot as well.

If you wonder why exactly these dogs – it is because they all live in the only warm room in our shelter now – in the office.


He is a puppy about 3 months old. He was hit by a car, but fortunately for him – the bone is only cracked, nothing’s broken. With good care and food, at a warm place, he will be fine without operation.


Operation “Foxtrot”

Foxtrot was adopted in Holland about a year ago. Recently he started limping and the vets in Holland diagnosed him with very heavy hip displasia. The operation in Holland was too expensive for his owners. They also didn’t agree to send him back in Bulgaria for it, because they didn’t trust Bulgarian vets. At the end our Dutch partner took him back from the adopters and he came here. We all were so surprised, when d-r Vladislav Zlatinov told us he has no dysplasia at all – the problem is a rotation of the bone, which could be made better quite easy. The operation was paid by our Dutch partners and now Foxy recovers pretty well. This case is the reason we only work with organizations, not adopters abroad, because we always want to know someone keeps on taking care after our dogs. But when Foxtrot recovers completely, we will certainly send all his medical history to his Dutch vets.


Ivan Grozny

You may think that Ivan had a bad luck, but we want to assure you his guardian angel did his job! We received a signal for bleeding dog and send Miro and d-r Stankova.  The X-rays told their story – Ivan was shot! The bullet passed through his leg, lungs, a few milimetres from the heart and went out.

The miracle here is that he is not only alive, but except the leg, he has no other damage! We decided to try saving the leg instead of amputating it, and he was operated. We still don’t know if the leg will be saved, but we are sure d-r Zlatinov did the best.






Vassi is now recovering after the surgery. You may see from the X-rays before-after, the great job d-r Zlatinov did!

At the beginning she was not very fond of us, but now understood who gives the food and makes the room warm, and even is happy to see us.



Vassilena, Bono and Ivan received the best medical care, thanks to all of you, who bought out gorgeous calendar!
If you still don’t have one, but you want to help us in saving more animals like them, you can still buy or order it!


Vassilena – our first patient for this year

Posted on 06 January 2015

It’s St. Vasil’s day. The New Year has settled on calendars, people’s souls are filled with optimism for a better future. The streets of Sofia are almost empty – everyone relaxes after parties and celebrations.  Here and there are some stray dog, running around, frightened by the fireworks; the  few drivers are tired. And exactly this is the reason we met Vassilena.

The New Year  wasn’t very good for her – she was  hit by car, with two broken legs, shivering in the cold and hoping that someone will notice her.

As you can see from the picture, so it was – we received a signal for her and Milcho went to pick her up from the street.





Vassilena is sweet 6-7 years old lady, very good and affectionate. And if a dog is able to stay good and affectionate, handling  the pain of two monstrous fractures, then really nothing can stop her to be like that  always.

We immediately brought her to the Central Vet Clinic, where we left her in the caring and golden hands of Dr. Vladislav Zlatinov.


The complexity of the operation (fractures are on both tibias) and the titanium implants identified a serious price – just over 1000lv!

We can afford such an amount only thanks to those of you, who bought our great calendar!

The operation was long and difficult, but successful.




Who knows, maybe the New Year has not been too bad with her at the end – yes, she went  through the horror, the pain and the operations, but on the other hand – she is now in a safe place and we will do our best to give her a better future.

This is the situation, comrades. The new year began. Let us congratulate ourselves.