Lisko after the guy with the wire (Warning: Graphic photos)

Posted on 18 August 2016

UPDATE 07/12/2016

лиско (1)

Lisko went home with Demira Teneva!!!

UPDATE 25/08/2016

Untitled design

Today Lisko sends his special regards to the friends of the Farm! True, he is no longer that fluffy guy, but at least he isn’t getting eaten alive by the worms, his recovery is advancing at a great pace!

Original post 18/08/2016

Lisko is a homeless dog. He lived a normal life, well fed and taken care of, by the house of kind people who loved him. One day – he was gone. And then another one passed, and another… the boy must have wandered off after a female in season. They weren’t expecting to see him again, until he returned. In an unthinkable state.

14045143_1845955542305274_1412784762_o 14060249_1845955515638610_306188810_o

He was found well wrapped in wire. Through the body, the neck, but mostly the legs. A well tied wire, rupturing his skin and meat, leaving Lisko half-dead of pain and infection. But we probably wouldn’t be so shocked with the sight of him, if it weren’t for the hundreds of larvae, eating him alive right in front of us.

14037414_1845955522305276_1855640162_o 14087220_1845955532305275_1438167506_o

Dessy and Dimka spent hours removing the larvae from his wounds, so he can be shaved and cleaned. For now the good guy is only sleeping. During the short walks and procedures, he is calm, as much as someone who has suffered so badly can be.

14012770_1845955538971941_1075605476_o 14074561_1845955528971942_1282286319_o

We hope he will make a full recovery under the care of d-r Marincheva and d-r Ilieva. And to the monster who did this to him – we wish a quick mental health recovery, we pray these “games” are stopped. If it weren’t for a stroke of luck, this would have been a horrible, agonizing death.


You’re a lucky guy, Lisko.
No more agony. You’re with us now. No more.

The Farm shelter exists and works for the animals in need only thanks to the kind donations, made by regular people. We aren’t an international organization, we have no government support, no EU funding or anything of the sort…

We are a small group of friends who love animals and work together for a simple goal – to have a place where the unwanted, the forgotten, the abandoned, would find the help they need. If you would like to help us help them, please support the shelter, make a small monthly donation. Dogs like Lisko have nowhere else to go and we are really struggling. Thank you!

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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(VIDEO) The life of two Bulgarian puppies in Canada

Posted on 16 August 2016

We received two lovely videos from our friend Tom Chesser – all the way from Canada! He made them himself and you can clearly see how well his Bulgarian tutors have taught him – no spelling or grammar mistakes, well done.

Tom adopted two puppies with a similar faith from us – both found with chopped-up legs. Annie (who was Joan of Ark here) and Louie (Little Mook here).

Both have colorful stories, tens of people have taken part in their rescues, hundreds have donated – Tom has worked hard to include everyone he knows and the films are so sweet. We want to share them with you, because you are also part of their magic, because goodness and kindness are all around us: good thoughts, good deeds, good people.

The story of Little Mook becoming Louie:

The story of Joan of Ark becoming Annie:

Thank you, dear Tom, for everything you do for the dogs. We are happy to know you.
And say “hi!” to Jeff for us (known here as Negarcheto) – we are sure he is the best tripod in your funny gang!

The new life of Bolt – the puppy with five legs

Posted on 16 August 2016

Yes, five! The little growth on his leg we thought was a malformed finger, kept growing and turned out to be a fifth paw on one very special puppy. But let’s start at the beginning…


Bolt may be just a little guy, but he already has a long history. And like every fairy-tale – it was first very scary, and when it really seemed things wouldn’t work out well for our protagonist, the miracles needed were performed. With the magical help of the donors, the good doctors, our Farm, our colleagues in Holland – and certainly: a few drops of real love!

You can read all about Bolt’s life in Bulgaria HERE. And these few lines are about his life in Holland, loved and cared for by our amazing colleagues in Almere. Real care.

Not just as a very cute broken toy. But as a living being, a young dog who wants to run, to play, to be hugged, to chew, to do all sorts of mischief and be happy with his friends.

Like so:

13680039_1150442744975793_9012543086560562880_o 13708163_1150442631642471_5764723093534255552_o

And also:

13701177_1150442741642460_1791225172799662698_o 13708288_1150442778309123_1344957481110502182_o

And why not:

13567426_1144054985614569_6816678662043827602_n 13627114_1144054848947916_9159757094465178171_n

And this is how Bolt, a deformed puppy, dumped to die in a trash can as punishment for his deformation, became an international star and an all-time favorite in a paradise for disabled animals.


Special regards for you from two other ill girls who found love and care forever at the same (unique!) place. Kisses from Granny Alma and paralyzed Rosie:

алми роза

(They are together with wheelchair Sashko and funny Zverski, but since the two are boys – they forgot to send us a word).

What else?
Looks like only: HURRAY!

13580466_1143198059033595_4341271798392655652_o 13653353_10208700591845265_7103166469375636253_o

Dushan, hit by a car

Posted on 05 August 2016

Edit 05/08/2016

A week after his surgery, Dushan is starting to use his leg a little!

душан дими

Sounds impossible, but the boy is growing sweeter and kinder every day…

EDIT 27/07/2016

Dear donors, dear angels, dear friends,
the funds needed for Dushan’s surgery have been RAISED!

We will schedule a date with d-r Zlatinov ASAP, and hopefully, in a few days, we will be able to give you good news for Dushan.

There are no words to thanks you for your immediate response. You are amazing!
From Dushan, and all of us here – a million smiles.


Original post: Dushan, hit by a car 26/07/2016

Dushan (means “Soul”, because he is so kind) was hit by a car many days ago. When he reached us, he was already on the brink of death, powerless, dehydrated and unable to fight the pain any longer. Both his back legs were gone, but there was almost nothing we could do at the time.

13650447_10208892963535028_1281080318_n 13866670_10208892963175019_554568525_n

Because he was in such a bad condition – at first we couldn’t do anything for him, except manually rearrange his hip joint, which had fallen out on the leg with fewer injuries. It wasn’t sure if that would work, but the second examination showed that d-r Zlatinov’s idea worked and no surgery would be needed for that leg. More so, Dushko can now sit, is much stronger and most importantly – he is conscious.

On the other leg though, Dushan has a torn ligament and a broken bone, and only a few days remain when the ligament can be sown back together, before it goes hard. For the broken bone d-r Zlatinov suggests an outside fixator, as this is the least aggressive method. Having in mind Dushko’s general condition – it is the only option for him right now.


But what does this mean:

Price to sew up the ligament: 150E
Anesthetic package: 100E (we cannot use our discount for this)
Fixator: second hand from our previous patients, 50E

This is a total of 300E for poor Dushan, and there is simply no way that the shelter can provide him that – we are barely functioning normally and have so many animals in need.

In another situation, we would ask for an amputation which is cheaper. But in Dushan’s case – both his legs were badly injured and his remaining leg will never be completely healthy – to be able to carry the weight of two.

dushko IMG_6547

Can you help, even by little? We know you need the money for other things – for smiles, for your family. But Dushan needs it to live. And we ask you to help us help him, so he gets the life he deserves – pain free and on all fours.

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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The dumped pets at our Franziska clinic

Posted on 27 July 2016

We know it is summer. A time for smiles and sunshine, holidays and friends, long days outdoors and reminding yourself – life is good…

But for us – summer is a very difficult time. We sit here with the dogs, lonelier than usual, there are few adopters and even fewer donors. And the dogs don’t care – if it’s Friday or Sunday, if it’s January or July… They are just as hungry, just as injured, no matter that the city is empty – there will always be someone to make them suffer.

Despite, or more accurately, due to the fact we are overwhelmed with work and animals in need, the Franzisca clinic is full of patients, who wouldn’t have received help anywhere else. Here are some of them that you would maybe like to know:

RIP Blago, a dumped old Rottweiler


Blago was brought to us with a very severe spinal exostosis. When he came, he could barely stand. We took him for x-rays and stated a Nivaline treatment. A week later, the kind granddad could stand a little and was in a much better mood.

His name meant “Kind”, guess why – because he was the kindest. But however kind you are, however handsome, however loving and loyal you were through the years, you are still not insured against human cruelty. Once you are on the down side – that’s it, you are garbage.

Today Blago passed away most unexpectedly, despite the improvement. His heart couldn’t cope any longer… He drank some water, laid down and in an hour – he was gone.


Goodbye, dear boy. We are so sorry we couldn’t give you some happy days at the end of the road…

Lacho, a dumped old dachshund

Granddad Lacho seems to not know he is ill. Or he is so glad to be living in the shelter that he doesn’t notice it. He has probably always lived a difficult life – after a few days at the shelter, he became one of the happiest dogs at the Farm.

IMG_5245 IMG_5248

When we admitted him, Lucho had a horrible dermatosis. His back was almost naked, everything was itchy and stingy to him, and even the parasites were leaving the mother ship, sensing an approaching season finale. No way!

Dachshunds are great people, and that is a proven fact. But we still don’t know what exactly is wrong with him. The doctors suspected diabetes, but the tests ruled it out. We tested for this, we tested for that – nothing. Now the doctors are considering all sorts of exotic diagnosis, it is likely that he has Cushing’s desease.

Sancho, junior administrator at the Farm office

IMG_5695 IMG_5689

Our lovely Sancho already received that rare diagnosis – Cushing’s. He will be on meds till his last days, and the medication he needs is not imported to Bulgaria. We are hoping our colleagues abroad will be able to help. In the meantime – Sancho waits for you at the shelter office.

Rosie, with heartworm

Or, to be more exact – WITHOUT heartworm! Rosie is at the end of her treatment for the mean parasites. The most gentle of hearts went through such difficulties.


She may look big and strong, but is actually like a little child. She looks like one of those toddlers with glasses that would look up to you and immediately melt your defenses. We are really happy for this kind girl, getting rid of heartworm takes months, the medication is very hard on the animal, thank goodness she made it.

Hercules, a tiny angel with seizures

You can bet Hercules wasn’t born, neither lived in the street. Which (no apology) moron decided to get rid of him on a closed highway – we don’t know. We know him from the moment he nearly crashed a truck, trying not to run him over. Well, he did run over him, Hercules is too tiny to even be crushed as a normal dog would.


Hercules is a young guy, but he has some unexplained seizures. Only two so far, so he is under observation at the moment until the doctors manage to figure out an adequate therapy. He needs all sorts of tests, but there is no way we could afford them right now.

Yoda, a homeless granddad with testicular cancer


This sweet guy is “the village dog”. He suffers from a tumor on his balls and needed urgent surgery. He was operated on by d-r Marincheva and is now recovering. Keep your figers crossed for him, he is old and the tumor is not small.

Hanya and Maria, puppies with skin disease

IMG_6553 IMG_6560

It was stupid of us not to make a photo of Maria when she arrived, now you cannot see all the progress she made. Maria was almost completely fur-less, even worse than Marcus whom she is named after. Despite that – she is and will remain the happiest dog in the world, it is too little to say she adores people, they don’t make dogs like her anymore.

And cute Hanya has acquired our “favorite” fungal infection and will have to fight it separated from her funny mother and sister.

Mighty Ragnar, ill with pneumonia

Ragnar Lothbrok, the smallest puppy in a litter of 8 dumped half-huskies. We used his photo to invite people to the shelter on Facebook, because he is so incredibly cute. And now we blame ourselves for it, because he as probably jinxed a little.

13692621_10154377212657360_374382011799532965_n IMG_6566

The day after we posted his pics, he got ill with pneumonia and we were afraid we’d lose him – puppies so small get dehydrated and develop horrible infections in a matter of minutes. Ragnar may be tiny, but is still a Viking, so – he’s staying alive.

Flicka and Noushka

IMG_6559 IMG_6532

Two amazing ladies, only a few inches off the ground. Someone’s pets, dumped at the first signs of trouble. Flicka is now at the end of her recovery after a complicated surgery (she is the tiny foxy on the photo), and Noushka still has some antibiotics to take in and she is still figuring out how things work here (carefully monitoring life from her tiny bed).

These, and many other animals are getting treatment at the shelter this very moment. If you are able to spare something for the animals, please, DONATE for the clinic – your help saves lives here.

Oscar, shot in the shoulder

Posted on 25 July 2016

Oscar is a lovely young cat, shot in the shoulder by an unknown monster. His shoulder is completely shattered, but thanks to the donors of ARSofia, he received the best medical help possible and is now adopted.

Edit 25.07.2016

It was the end of May when people brought Oscar to the shelter – quiet, calm and… shot in the leg. The trauma was severe, Oscar had lost almost all of the sensitivity in his paw and we had to make a choice: to amputate the leg with what we can spare; or ask for your help for a surgery to try to save the leg.

To the joy of Oscar and everyone that came to love him, the surgery was successful. Two weeks later, he started to use his leg a little and it became clear – you had given him the option of being a proud owner of four ginger legs.

In the days of his recovery we have spoken to Oskar many times – about his plans for the future. Besides health, he also wished for a family – and why not, with luck on his side, why stop dreaming?

oscar home

The boy switched his charm-emitter to full power and managed to get a message all the way to Germany – where his real person was waiting for him. It took us some time to get Oskar ready and send him on the long journey, but we can now say:

In this moment, Oscar is purring happily in the arms of his new owner – Nevena Karadimova. And he loves it there!
After a night of careful surveillance from under the couch, Oskar conquered the heart and home of Nevena once and forever. Like so:

“Oscar is definitely very happy and adapted to us in only 6 hours. He now knows every inch of the apartment and rules it all. He still has a definite limp, but probably only needs more time to heal completely. He is so kind!”

All the best to you, Oskar and Nevena! You found each other after great adventures, and from miles away, but we know this is the end of the sad story. And now a new, happy one begins.

Edit 30.05.2016

Oscar has started a whole new life thanks to you!
D-r Zlatinov fixed him, the surgery was successful and now all we need to do is hope that he has a perfect recovery and be able to walk on all fours.

000 готов оскар

The boy is already back with us, in the shelter – he still has some antibiotics to take and his brace must be re-made periodically. Unfortunately, being that the Farm is for dogs, he has to spend his days in quite a small cage, in a room without sunshine.

Not that he complained – Oscar is lovely and doesn’t mind anything – dogs, cats, kids, doctors, scalpels… He is really a good guy at heart, cats like him are very rare to find – we suspect he might be a dog in a cats body.

He is young, he is well, he keeps himself clean… So, if you have ever wandered what it would be like to have a lovely cat – why don’t you take him home with you for a month or two?
And he will tell you – it’s just great!

I case you do decide to offer foster care for Oscar – contact us, you will not regret it!

Edit 27.05.2016


Thank you so much for your help, dear friends, and especially you, dear Tom, for helping Oscar! He will be operated today – not amputated, his shoulder will be fixed and hopefully in a few months’ time – we will see him smiling on the knees of his adopters!

We wish you all the happiness in the world! Bless you!

ORIGINAL POST: A cry for help: Oskar, shot in the shoulder 25/05.2016

Dear friends, we need your help for a lovely cat – Mr. Oscar, shot in the shoulder.

01 оскар

In the last month we have been unable to take in patients for orthopedic treatment. Our debt at the Central Vet Clinic is huge, and we already have a large number of patients on a long treatment, needing the help of the doctors there.

But when Oscar was brought in – we couldn’t send him away. First – his alternative was to remain like this in the street (the people who brought him didn’t care). Second – he hasn’t been in an accident, he was purposely hurt by a cruel person (and we are people too). And third – he is just wonderful – kind, patient, looks at you and understands everything (it’s so hard to say: “no, we can’t help you” when a friend is looking back at you)…

This is Oscar’s x-ray – he was shot. Most probably by Carabine.

13275314_10208402857762690_1301165252_o 13282578_10208402858002696_264764130_o

No comment on the act of cruelty. To see such a lovely creature and feel the need to shoot it… What is important now is that Oskar is with people who can see his golden heart – it shines the light of a thousand suns and it will take more than a bullet to stop it. But – his leg is almost gone, and life on three legs, especially when a front one is missing is not a good alternative for any cat.

D-r Zlatinov from the CVC offers to make him a surgery to fix the shoulder and try to save the leg – as an alternative to the amputation we brought him in for. The moment of hesitation comes from Oscar having lost some of the sensitivity in his leg and it is not 100% sure that he will be able to use it again. It is possible he might need additional bracing and physio, or not be able to use it at all, there is no guarantee. But in any case – his shoulder must be fixed.

We don’t have 460 (236E) of 680BGN to be able to afford a surgery for Oscar.
If we are unable to raise them – we will do the amputation we can afford. But Oscar is a really lovely car and although here, we are mostly dog lovers, we believe help will be found for him too. He deserves it…

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


1 лев дарение за абонати на vivacom, telenor и m-tel (няма ДДС)

13275052_10208402858082698_236344412_o 03 оскар 2

If you would like to help us cover a part of our bill in the Central Veterinary Clinic – piled up by orthopedic cases, visual diagnostics, complicated blood-tests and other things we cannot provide our homeless patients at in our own little hospital, you can do it directly, on the CVC bank account, just make sure you write they are “For the Animal Rescue Sofia bill”: Galb OOD BG45BUIB98881007429901 / CiBank / SWIFT BUIBBGSF

We know it is the end of the month and everyone’s pockets are empty. Don’t be sad if you are unable to help, dear friends. Oscar thanks you for your kind thoughts.

04 оскар 5

How do you get rid of parasites in a big shelter?

Posted on 06 July 2016

De-worming is one of the most important aspects of a dog’s health, the health of the people around as well. And when so many animals are at one place, and they all come from different backgrounds like it is here – de-worming becomes a Nr.1 priority.

00 lucy
Sweet Lucy is ready to swallow 3 liters of bitter Ivermectine, just to have someone around, to be touched with kindness on a lonely day…

De-worming 250 dogs is no easy task, but it’s not impossible. We make it happen every month – everyone gets a treatment, except the new arrivals who have a different schedule. We treat for flat and roundworms, and also for prevention of heartworm. The social dogs are easy, the shy ones – not so much. Everyone gets their pills, and separately a bitter solution – there are no fans of this process, but there’s no way around it as well.


01 02
Ivermectine is precious to us – we use it to treat our many mangy dogs, also to prevent heartworm among the many animals we host. As far as the pills –  the brands of de-wormer used need to be changed regularly. This way you make sure there is a better coverage in the many kinds of internal parasites.


Do you deworm your pets on time? Please do, it’s important.
Make up a schedule, change the brands, treat your dog on time, make sure you prevent a heartworm infestation. Parasites are everywhere around us, an effort is needed to make sure they do not come INTO us.
Note: whatever the instructions are, always treat your dog on an empty stomach, this way you can be sure of the results.


03 amam 03 gorchi
Lucky getting his pills and solution from Dimie: “Disgusting, but I still love you!”


Please, have a look HERE. We’ve tried to make a systematic review of the possibilities you have fighting parasites as a pet owner, it could be useful to you.

People say – better to have worms, than be completely deprived of an internal life 🙂
No thanks! Parasites – GO AWAY!


Dear friends, the next time you are overwhelmed with tasks and work, and you decide you can skip your pet’s de-worming this time… DON’T! Think of us – if a bunch of girls can de-worm 250 donkeys, it’s 250% sure, you can handle de-worming your loving pet.

Best regards from Lucky and his friends at the Farm!

Bogrov “Farmers” win the Superjackpot!

Posted on 05 July 2016

A great deal of our work is finding homes for our animals abroad. When we were starting, in 2010, we had less than 2 locally adopted animals in a month. Today – people already know shelters exist, they know they are saving the life of their adopted friend and families make that kind choice more often.

We see the change every day and it makes us believers. We no longer fall into the line of “helpless dreamers” when we think to ourselves “a day will come when we no longer have to send animals abroad – there will be a home for each of them here”.
We are happy to introduce you to another group of smiling animals and their adopters:

DSC_1232 DSC_1241

Do you remember poor sad Mincho? He is a calm, medium-sized, almost completely naked boy that came to the shelter as a naked bag of bones. He must have spent all his life chained in misery – he looked like a broken old man. We treated him, although we couldn’t give him that fluffy white interface he would have if he had lived in a home.

mincho (1) mincho (2)

Despite his sad look – his golden heart was recognized by Angelina Dobreva. Mincho will never be hungry and dirty again. Good luck, boy!



The smiling kurzhaar we called Anna is now in her new home with Natalia Staneva. She also has a new name – Bagra, and a great many new friends – the world is her oyster!

багра 3 багра1

We are overjoyed for her – you can see how happy and well behaved she is in her new life with Natalia, what an amazing change for a kind creature!
lori (1) lori (2)

Lorry was just a handful of life, injured by a car, when Maria Ovcharova took her as a foster – to recover, to gain strength and prepare to be adopted. We thought that was a temporary arrangement – but what do you know – Lorry was at home all this time! She is now healthy, neutered, vaccinated and very happy – to love and live with Maria forever.


edinborough edinbourgh

One of our most charismatic babies went through a real X-factor audition and got the first place in the heart of Mario Staykov, with the help of his father Venelin. We respect the adopters who really take their time in choosing the right dog. We are sure no mistake was made here and we wish the blue-eyed princess an amazing life in Edinburgh, walking on green fields, under an iron sky… well, congratulations!


DSC_1845 DSC_1880

And the lovely kitten Mimi, raised in a foster home with two dogs and another cat, found the perfect family with Konstantin Atanasov, Rossy Marinova and their black friend – Carina! The two girls are best friends already:

коте мими вече куки и кучето карина коте мими

Farewell, Zverski!

Posted on 03 July 2016

blagodarnosti IMG_5676

It was July 2011. Something, that should’ve been a yellow fur-ball (but was a white bag of bones), was twisting and growling in our hands, desperately trying to get away from deworming, feeding or any human-related process.

“A tooth for you! Another one for you as well! Leave me alone!” – that’s how the stubborn yellow puppy got his name – Zverski (Beast). And it remained. For all the 5 years we had him. And that is a too much. Almost half of a dog’s life – lived in a cage.

In time, thanks to the great love the volunteers put into him, Zverski stopped acting like a beast and became another one of our unwanted grown-ups. A year or two passed, a family wanted him for adoption, we gladly gave him away. Sadly, the dogs that grew up in a shelter often have trouble adapting in the first weeks and adopters need to be patient and persistent to help them get used to the new life. His people couldn’t – so Zverski came back to us.

12119771-10206424793404071-1195502498-o IMG-4806

Another year, a second, and the problems began – limping with one leg, then the other, lack of movement… and a diagnosis: two-sided elbow dysplasia. You know everything about Zverski’s pains – because you are the reason he has less of them! With your great help, Zverski got a surgery – an arthrodesis of the leg that is in worse-off condition.

The recovery went well, but despite the successful operation, much of the pain remains. Here, at the Farm we don’t have the environment he needs – to get physiotherapy, to move, to swim… We needed a solution for him, urgently, and lovely people came to his aid.

12885923-10154104023467360-8515973927844168285-o ezverski

We are happy to inform you that Zverski is now in his new home in Holland! With our amazing colleagues who will make sure he has all the love and care he needs to feel better. He is already with them, and everything is all right, getting used to the new surroundings and friends.

Despite the great happiness that there is a place in the sun for Zverski, parting with him was no easy thing. After all, he’s been with us all these years…

IMG_5552 IMG_5668

Farewell, buddy, this is a much deserved happiness!
And for you, friends, a photo from Zverski’s new home:


Our new colleague: Sancho

Posted on 30 June 2016

To whom it may concern:

After a long and detailed search for the perfect application, a candidate for the position of assistant-secretary has been approved. Congratulations to the greatly esteemed Sancho.

As of today, granddad Sancho will be welcoming the shelter visitors with us, alongside to his superior grandma Bushi.


Here follows a short address from our new employee:

“Kind humans, I solemnly swear to serve the office faithfully and fulfill my duties with care and enthusiasm. I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, you know, but I can feel something beating here, under my left shoulder… I love you so much, I love the life you gave to me, every day off it, every hour. I don’t know what to tell you… I thank you with everything that is Me. I think that’s it… see you at the office!“

And here follow Sancho’s rights and obligations, not as a patient, but as a member of our team:

-to meet and escort, if not by bark and greeting, than at least with an all-seeing eye, each and every person that walks in;
-to display a never-ending need for tenderness, attracting people’s hands to himself like a magnet;
-to spread his unmistakable aroma throughout the whole room, or as a minimum – the desks of everyone working at the moment;
-to always take a strategic spot between the adopters and the desk they are filling the papers on, putting his toothless head in their laps with a sad gaze;
-to be loved, happy and always smiling every working day (and they are 365 in a year).

Congrats, colleague 🙂


Marcho’s new clothes

Posted on 24 June 2016


Besides the 200 dogs, the Farm is also home to two pigs, 3 goats and a ram – our funny, crooked Marcho.

After a few failed attempts to have him shaved down, Marcho entered the hot days fully dressed. We had to urgently find someone who can really strip down a sheep, so we don’t have to put him through our own unprofessional grooming.


Simeon is 11 years old. He is a student, he works hard at his family’s farm and he is also a winner at horseback-riding races.

He is a very serious and a very kind boy. Together with his brother and dad they are just finishing grooming their own herd and Simeon didn’t mind coming over to help Marcho as well.


Today, Simeon came to the shelter at 10 o’clock, with two grooming shears, working pants and a smile. It took him about an hour to release Marcho from his fleece and he didn’t cut him even once!

Marcho was totally relaxed, Drago held him, Simo groomed him – he simply melted away.
We believe Marcho is the only gentle ram on the planet.


The procedure was much more disturbing for Tsonka the goat. She is a friend of Marcho, they have always lived together, he is – so to speak – the chief in their herd of two.

So she spent the whole hour hanging off the fence, calling him, although he really did have a good time.


Marcho! He looked so big, but he is actually quite a small ram!

Marcho came to the Farm as a young baby with a neurologic problem – you can see in his photos his head is always hanging to the side, he will stay this way forever. You can also see our keeper Drago handling him with a dog lead – we really doubt there is a kinder ram on our planet.


Tsonka – finally at ease, checking the quality of Simeon’s work on Marcho (the inspection was successful). Marcho will finally be cool.

And to Simeon, we wish a big life, much happiness and great dreams to be achieved. He really impressed us, this little guy – so young, and yet so good with animals, with such a good approach.

2 Bulgarians in Germany: Mitzy and Dilma

Posted on 16 June 2016

With the help of our kind colleagues, two more lovely dogs from the Farm found their happiness with lovely people in Germany!


мици 1 мици муки 2

Granny Mitzy managed to be on two shelter score-boards at the same time – for the shelter’s oldest and the shelter’s smallest dog. She would sit quietly in her box, going out for walks regularly, but sleeping most of the time, overcome by a large tumor on the mammal glands. With the help of d-r Stankova granny got rid of her disease and started everything anew – a new life, in a new country, with new people, as if the horrors in the past never happened!


DSC_2186 DSC_2225

The second lucky lady is lovely Dilma – an incredibly kind, calm, clever and friendly hunting dog who never found her people here in Bulgaria. Instead of being sad, she packed her things – packed her passport, because that is the only thing she actually had – and left. Left for a new life, where she will have her own food-bowls, her own toys and leads, her own home and what’s most important – her own family!