Horses & Co.


2016 marks the year of the horse for us. We have begun planning a sanctuary for abused horses and donkeys – there is not a place for them in the whole country at the moment.

The need to have a horse sanctuary, and one that also houses farm animals, is great. Not a month goes by that we are not contacted about a horse that needs urgent relocation and help. In most of those cases the lack of a sanctuary means “agonizing death in horrible circumstances” for the animal in need.

Thus, despite the lack of space, we are already caring for our first two rescued horses. The abused gypsy horse Penny, and the wild meat-horse Silencio, have found shelter in the small house yard of our chairlady Nadia Stancheva.


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Penny came to us in the spring of 2015. Her condition was horrifying – emaciated and very ill, she couldn’t work for her cruel owners anymore, she was abandoned. Penny is 14 and only has half a lung, as she was left to freeze long winters, ill with pneumonia. She needs special daily care and is on constant medication, coughing and allergic to many things. Otherwise, she is the kindest mare in the world. Only when gypsies are around she becomes nervous and tries to hide under Nadia’s arms.


силенцио1 силенцио

Silencio is a young horse who has been living with Penny since the summer of 2015. He was taken off the meat-line on his way to the slaughterhouse in the very last moment. He was born and raised as a wild horse in a forest, only to be turned into sausages on the second year of his life. Silencio will need a lot of time to get used to people, but his trust in us grows by every month passed.

The horses in need are counting on our support, friends…

Funds are desperately needed to create the first horse sanctuary in Bulgaria. If you can help, even by little, please do – it will change the lives of many suffering animals. You know that whatever we do, animals are put first. We can help the horses, let’s do it together!

To make a donation by bank use:
FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINVBGSF
BG96FINV91501216606639 – in USD

In Bulgaria you can also donate 1BGN by SMS:
Send DMS KONE to short-number 17 777

Besides the horses we look after, the Farm has also offered shelter to some farm animals sharing the same sad destiny. At first, our idea was to have a few farm animals for the kids to see when they come visit. But in time, the first victims of human violence began to arrive and the group grew in size.

Jenny, Mimmy and Mila

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Mom Jenny came with a police escort. Pregnant and badly beaten, she gave birth prematurely that very same night. Mimmy and Mila were born in the hands of keeper Milcho and to our great surprise made it, becoming lovely healthy little goat kids.


марчо3 марчо1 марчо4

The unusually kind and loving ram Marcho has a congenital neurological defect that makes him walk with his head tilted to the side.

Lilly and Naomi

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The two lovely sisters started their lives as piglets in an apartment – they got used to people from a very young age and love to walk in the shelter yard just as much as the dogs do.


цонка1 цонка2

The quiet little goat Tsonka came to the shelter as a “gift” from a volunteer. But not for is – for Marcho the ram who was feeling lonely and sad without company in his enclosure.


The 2015 calendar, Max and Lilly