ARSofia culinary party!

1650E were collected by the guests of Animal Rescue Sofia’s culinary party for the dogs of Bogrov!  Our kindest regards to all our 164 friends who came this sunny Sunday afternoon to show that they care and have a good time with us. Thank you for the tasty food, the funny games and the great atmosphere!

For those of you who couldn’t make it – the concept of the party was that everyone can bring something tasty they made at home and than each guest would get five stickers with which they could mark the dishes they enjoyed most.  The champions are as follows: 1-st place – Tzvety with her amazing truffels; 2-nd – Misheto with her sculpture-cake; 3-rd – Helena with her cake. We had some really amazing entries, the food was whiped out! A few huge bottles of wine still remain, what a shame, we’ll have to finish them for you!

Our big thanks to Leo Bianchi who was our special guest with TV7 and to Mihaela who once more did a fabulous job making special earrings and kechains for us! Thanks to everyone who bought one of our cups, jewlery or t-shirts. We’re already planing our next party for Helloween – still looking for a place, chip-in with any seggestion where we could do it for free…


See some short clips from the party, made by our friends at! The atmosphere:

Friends and volunteers of Animal Rescue Sofia associate “Homeless animals” with one word – comapssion, frendship, misery, castration…:

The guessing game – contestants have to try 3 foods and 2 drinks with eyes and nose closed and write on a peace of paper what they tasted:

The spitting game – contestants have to spit a nut as far as they can: