Who will not be in the cold?
Who will not be sad?
Who will have everything they wished for?
These three angels!


боби (9) боби (13) боби (14)

Another cute little elephant from our litter of “Little Niggers” (now only 7 to go, hurray!) found a home! The whole family, as you know, comes from the municipal pound, they were a sad bunch, but thanks to their fosters are now healthy, happy and very friendly babies.

боби (2) боби (22)

Here is Bobby the sweetheart, who won the heart of Katerina Blaginova and is already enjoying the love and attention she has for him! As you can see, Katya is taking a unique energy-bomb, full of fun and games and enthusiasm. We wish them loads of happiness together, what an awesome combination!


14138281_10154328329862184_651599625_n 15046399_10154549171282184_452521703_n

We have a lovely family living in cage #6 at the shelter! Tiny mommy Mila and her pups. True, when you take a first look it’s not easy to recognize the mother, but then you can see – the smallest one in the bunch.

боби (1)

Today we said farewell to the second baby in this litter with a home of their own! The tiny sweetheart Kia – chosen by Kamelia Trandeva and her daughter Monica. All the best to you, dear girls, you are wonderful together!

киа (3) киа (6)


ally (2) murphy ally 6

Miniature Ally was the smallest dog in the shelter for a whole month. She lived together with Murphy the dwarf in the clinic – as you can see, Ally makes Murphy look like a giant. She went through quite the ordeal, but managed to heal despite her ridiculous size.

али при деси али

We are really happy to inform you that the little angel is all happy, loved and cared for with her new mom Anna-Victoria. She has friends at home – a cat and a dog and is the most loved baby in the whole world. We wish them all great happiness together!

10 November 2016 | Blog

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