We report yet another doggy transport that happened just this week, carrying a huge gang of lovely babies and one kitty to their new homes. We are gradually managing to decrease the numbers of “surplus” puppies that had occupied our walking yards. In July we managed to push through two puppy transports (thank you for your help Maria and Stefan!!!), sorry for not writing about them, there was no time. This makes a total of almost 100 babies that have been prepared and sent to their new homes in just a month. If we manage to make one more transport, we will have handled the puppy crisis. Keep your fingers crossed, donate if you are able, we have many angels to rescue.

When we say “100 puppies” it’s hard to imagine what they are. Here is a video so you can get an idea – there are only 20 puppies in this kennel:

So, who are the lucky babies this week?

кучило С (3) кучило С (5) кучило С (10)

image029 image031 image033

Smiley, Sofie and Steve must be the puppies with the best childhood ever. They were found and raised by a family with two wonderful boys before we admitted them. It was very hard for them to part and they often write to ask how the puppies are doing. We are glad to inform them, the puppies are doing great and Steve and Smiley even have their own families!

галфони (1) галфони (2)
Esmeralda and Jorje I Galfon

галфони (3) галфони (4)
Casillas and Enrique Iglesias I Galfon

The last of our “I Galfon” puppies left for their new homeland – a group of wildlings who came frightened and shy, but managed to become normal puppies with double doses of love and loads of patience.

нокчета (1) нокчета (2)
Tatyana and Dimiter

нокчета (3) нокчета (4)
Dimcho and Tamara

A litter of sweethearts – four German shepherd mix babies. They were lucky to be found by kind people in the street, so the four of them stayed in the foster home till they were vaccinated and it became safe to move them here. At first, they were quiet and shy, but just a few days in their stay – they became the most playful of the bunch.

image003 image011 image037 image035

Atanas, Strahil, Genadi and Gergana – lovely babies, kind and calm – we never heard them bark, we never saw them in a fight for a toy. Quiet and kind creatures, we are sure they will make their new owners very proud.

14111642_10207635138501942_818622793_n 14159781_10207635138741948_1196113968_n

Two beautiful (well, not on these photos) brothers – Sashko and Dimcho found their lucky road. In the same foster home there are still three sisters waiting, when they are ready, they will also come this way.

image009 image013 image007

Dimana, Stoyan and Georgi, three amazingly kind angels, taken from their mother and abandoned at an early age, such sweet and gentle kids! Only little Miroluba has stayed behind from this litter, but we are sure she will be very happy too, soon enough.

carrie image027 mr big

Three larger sweethearts were the biggest animals in this transport. Samantha, Carrie and Mr.Big (we watch too many series it seems) – lovely, kind, playful, clever kids, about 6 m.o. When the puppies reach this size it gets much harder to find a home for them, we are really glad that these guys got this chance to go to Austria.

image039 image043 image045

Sweethearts Helga, Bojura and Michael are siblings. Little Bojura had some stomach problems, so she spent quite the time in our clinic, but she did great. It’s interesting that “bearded” puppies are rarely sought after here in Bulgaria. But when they travel West, usually they are amongst the first to go home.

This same transport also carried little Tequila, playful Blecka and Matzi the kitten to their happy destination. But we forgot to make photos, sorry for that, but sending animals abroad is a hell of a job, we had no time among the many other tasks.

And here are the most wonderful of our photos to be shared – they have arrived just now, from the foster home of our colleague Moreen in Holland – the first puppies to have gone home:

михаел тамара
Michael and Tamara


Farewell, sweeties!
If you can help us send another group of 30 puppies to new homes next week, please do – it’s the end of a very hard and hungry summer, we are hardly managing. These are all the ways to donate. Even the smallest donation helps:

FIBank; 37 Dragan Tzankov blvd, Sofia, BG; SWIFT: FINV BG SF

IBAN BGN: BG07FINV91501215999954; IBAN EUR: BG50FINV91501215999956

BENEFICIARY: A R Sofia Foundation; 23 James Bourchier blvd, Sofia, BG


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