There is no greater pleasure than seeing an innocent homeless soul, rescued from a nightmare, happily cuddled in the loving hands of their new people. People who will love and care for it forever.


White Ushi was dumped in the street at Novi Iskar. Scared, disoriented and in season – everything about her screamed “tragedy”. Most pets have no chance of surviving alone outside – they don’t know how to protect themselves, find food, water or shelter from the cold. Once with us – Ushi ate and slept, and then ate and slept some more, and just as she was beginning to realize how noisy and crowded the place actually is, Sergey Dmitrievich came and adopted her. What an excellent combination, we wish them great happiness together.


Tiny Merry, dumped in a village as a tiny bundle of fragile life, went back to her fosters after the adoption weekend at Pets&U. Unbelievable! – everyone who ever met her would say. Just as it should be! – would say Silvia Alexandrova, her new owner who came to pick Merry up at the Farm. An ancient shelter saying goes: “There is a person for every dog”. Also “adopters are angels”, we would add.

2×2 in Pets&U – the lucky cats!

It was the most successful cat adoption weekend at the Pets&U store. We are very glad to see more people adopting two cats together, not to mention how happy the cats are!

mike donna mike donna vkashti

Velichka stumbled upon the Adoption weekend ad accidentally. A friend had shared it on their Facebook timeline. She came with the idea of adopting Mike and had no clue she would be also taking home his sister Donna. What a stroke of luck for these two! They are now living their happy second lives under the code names Hensel and Grethel!

rijko gray vkashti rijko gray

Rijko and Gray are two of 20 poor cats, abandoned by their owners in the middle of nowhere. When we say you are doing miracles for the animals – we are not overdoing it. The amazing change in these guys’ destinies is nothing short of a miracle. They too were adopted together. And again – because the adopters realized how attached Rijko and Gray are to each other, how much they need the friend.

Congratulations to Claudio and Rachel who made the right decision. What a turnaround for these lucky boys! And no wander. Good things happen to good people. And animals.

Special hugs for the foster parents who care for so many puppies and kittens.
You are doing a great job, people!

Fairwell to the Giants of the Farm

November must be the month of d-r Stankova! Three of her most beloved heroes have found their new homes and she is the one who made the connection between them and their people. Matching the right dog to the right person is a talent, not every dog can win your heart, even if you have come to the shelter for adoption.

What is better than getting a dog that is difficult to rehome adopted? That’s right! Getting two difficult to rehome dogs adopted! “Difficult to rehome” – what a horrible stamp to put on an animal. It is a stamp on many of our most wonderful animals. They are either too large, or not young enough, or brown or black… and in the worst case scenario – all of the above qualities, all unwanted with potential adopters.

* brun2

Brunhilda and Ethan have a lot of everything. But most of all – love and loyalty, as the amazing Slaveyko and Emilia Petkovi realized after adopting them. The couple met our little farmers and heard d-r Stankova’s story about each one they asked for.

Right in the beginning they took a liking to Brunhilda – a huge Caucasian shepherd of middle age which we picked up panicked on a busy road a while ago. Slaveyko and Emilia had come for a single dog, but were deeply touched by the destiny and sad eyes of kind boy Ethan. There was no way they could leave him behind.

ethan - brunhilda (1)

Told in short Ethan’s story is nothing out of the ordinary. Adopted from the old shelter and then abandoned again at 4. But everyone that knows him – as a young boy from before, or as a gorgeous gentle giant now – also knows the golden heart, the love and longing behind the code-word “Ethan”.

We thank the Petkovi family for the comfort, love and care they will give these “difficult not to love” dogs. We know our ambassadors to their home will give back love and gratitude accordingly and with great enthusiasm.



Where are the fireworks? The amazing giant Kanto has finally found his happy place with Penka Chalakova, her husband, their two sons and daughter Yoanna. Penka and Yoanna came all the way from Plovdiv to meet our little Samoyed boy. But they simply blocked at Cage 1 where handsome Canto was giving his best vocals, attempting to drive them deaf with barking. “This is my dog!!!” Penka said. And that was it. But he is difficult, he is huge, he spooks people, he is not for an apartment, you have a cat… “We will manage everything, he is one of us, and we’re not leaving him behind”.

k4 12233359_10205665141733254_2051380492_n

All, except Marietta, were sure they wouldn’t come for a second visit. Then all, except Marietta, were sure that Kanto will be brought back to us the very next morning after the adoption. And all, except Marietta, were wrong. Because day after day Canto is more and more loved in his new home, learning to use the elevator, putting up a blank face for the cat, whilst swallowing meatball after meatball. Thank you to d-r Chalakova and her family for finding and recognizing him! Hurray!

k2 k3

10 November 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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