Foxtrot’s story is a long and confusing one. One of those that keep you wonder if there will be a happy end.

Foxtrot went to Holland as a puppy with his siblings. A sweetheart like him – he was adopted pritty fast.

Foxtrot-4       Foxtrot-2      Foxtrot-3

Baby Foxtrot went to Holland

A year after that we received horrible news – due to inherited disease, Foxtrot started limping, his condition cannot be healed and his orthopedists insist on euthanasia.
Fortunately, our contract doesn’t allow new owners to do it and Foxy’s foster mother Aleida in Holland always observes carefully dogs rehomed by her, even years after that, so he came back to us.

Despite the bad prognosis, Dr. Zlatinov from Central Vet Clinic told us the diagnosis Foxtrot got in Holland was wrong and he can fix him.


Foxtrot after the surgery

And he was right – after the surgery and a few months of rehab, Foxtrot not only started walking again, but he also started running and jumping, like nothing happened!

So, Foxy started his life in “the Farm”. It was hard for him at the beginning – he grew up as a pet and he even didn’t understand our language! It took a while and a lot of love, but he started loving us again!

Few months ago, when BTV asked us for a large, but good dog, to live in “The Farm” (a reality show with this name), we desided it should be him!

And now, a few months later, the reality is over, but instead of coming back into the kennel, Foxtrot was adopted by the owner of this farm!
We weren’t sure if this is the best for him, so Dr. Stankova went to check him on spot. We desided, if Foxtrot doesn’t look happy, loved and taken good care, to take him back.

12204524_1072048069494499_1954948135_n (1)

Well, it wasn’t necessary! After her visit, Dr.  Stankova told us – Foxtrot is finally home! There he is loved and he loves back!


Dr. Stankova says “Goodbye” to Foxy and his new best friend

We are happy to announce, that Foxtrot was finally adopted! Finally home!

11998091_1072047619494544_1070967701_n (1)

Foxy running around in his property


02 November 2015 | Blog

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  1. Aleida

    Maureen let me read this and now I am crieïng from happynes. What a lucky dog. I was thinking a lot of him. Sending him back felt as failure to send him
    back. I never did that before.

    Ask this farmer to give him
    a lot of hugs from me.

    I hope he will have a long and happy life, he deserves it. Dear dear Foxtrot.

    Love, Aleida

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