Ross writes to the farmers

26 October 2015 | Blog

“Hello friends!
Mommy is writing this letter, because I am forbidden to climb the PC table, and also access to my favorite chew-toys – the pens – is restricted.

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This is me in the street. Before they took me into the shelter. And then me again – today, with my family!

It’s been six months since I moved to the Mladost district. It was very weird at first. I didn’t trust them much and I was quiet and always serious. Then I saw no one is angry at me and decided to claim my stakes – I will nibble at them when I feel like it, or bark to get their attention (plus – you will not believe the weird sound the elevator is making), I follow them everywhere they go.

Well, what can I say – I don’t feel calm when they are not both around me. It was a huge shock when they took me to the village. Loads of strange sounds, the weirdest animals (I thought they were dog-mutants, but they were hens). And the relatives – ah, they let me climb on the furniture, roll about everywhere, give me food under the table in secret and take me walking in beautiful spots. It turned out perfect and I now love to travel.

2 3
Me checking out the great outdoors. And me again – laying on mommy’s head.

But… my parents are still not letting me roam about freely. Probably because I make them follow me about the neighborhood for at least an hour before I let them catch me. Meanwhile I need the time to try and eat every dog I meet. Well, what can I say – it is MY neighborhood!!!

During the days – I am alone. But I am not at all mad at them. They need to make money for food and treats. Still – I do my best to train them – I collect all the slippers on the couch, or just hide them. So they bought me slippers of my own…
The good thig is I learnt to cuddle and am so happy about it. Most of all I like to sleep on my mommy’s neck and she never gets mad when I wake her up. And dad will cuddle me and call me “bunny”.

5 7
They washed me! I had just rolled about something awesome! And also – I have my own special clothes. Cause I’m cool!

I have to tell you – I haven’t changed much. I am still as energetic and stubborn as before. But – no worries – my humans tell me they love me as crazy as I am, they tell me – it’s my charm.

Well, I don’t want to take too much of your time, plus – there are some pigeons at the window that need some good barks. Say “hi” to my roomies. Please, tell them I miss them, and you too, I will come by to see you some time.

Bye-bye! There are photos attached, so you don’t forget me!
Your buddy, Ross”

I am so happy! Hope you are too!

Ross was adopted by Monika Dalekova and her partner half a year ago.
We are very happy to hear from our adopted pals – and not just us, all the volunteers who knew them do too. If you feel like sending us a note with a few photos – please, feel welcome to do so at: office*at*

26 October 2015 | Blog

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