EDIT: 05.11.2015

The group has arrived safe and sound! More info here 🙂

EDIT: 23.10.2015

Dear donors, the funds have been raised!
We have enough to send the puppies on their way to freedom and will be making their travel documents today in a hope to have them on the road by tomorrow.
On the behalf of the happy gang, here are 5 of the babies who thank you”:

* * *
Imagine 32 dog babies. Happy, cheerful, innocent and without a breed – they are strong, healthy, chubby and shiny. 64 little stars twinkle in their eyes, full of love and enthusiasm, convinced a happy life lies ahead.

886044_10205575290007017_3782900492635129439_o 1487914_10205575284166871_2008228210268552899_o 11098247_10205575285286899_2736833106375454378_o 11246365_10205575290647033_3085277509990517653_o 12015064_10205575291407052_3509616590401142903_o 12017579_10205575284446878_8124792620904025632_o 12022474_10205575282046818_6309045514175812943_o 12029557_10205575283686859_450569509806161401_o 12029603_10205575296047168_6652107822668966335_o

Our 32 heroes have all been rescued from a horrible death, picked up in streets, woods, riverbanks, trash containers and cardboard boxes. They do not know that our compatriots only see the “mutt” in them, they believe everything will be great. And each of them dreams of a loving home, a happy family. And each and every one can have it in days – in Holland. Our colleagues have space to admit them. But the puppies need to get there first – and fast too!

12030560_10205575279806762_3263542011885216249_o 12031633_10205575293967116_5702381452051450225_o 12045533_10205575278206722_7188633254174307090_o 12065622_10205575273046593_1099839975022983492_n 12065760_10205575275486654_2905233625093813258_n 12087194_10205575278686734_508894225264858653_o 12088561_10205575276846688_4431695844050824170_n 12096579_10205575293527105_8722796226554290671_n 12105712_10205575274046618_8527474317964276709_n

390E is the obstacle between the babies and their dream come true.
This money we need for gas, vignettes, ferry and road taxes.
Because of these 390E these 32 babies risk remaining unwanted forever.
There is space for them in the Netherlands – will you help them get there?

12105839_10205575279406752_4928775278137573385_n 12108771_10205575272206572_5659859989462051942_n 12109098_10205575272566581_8744675664886115125_n 12109119_10205575275926665_8849092963352614757_n 12109130_10205575277966716_5153998050135147672_n 12111984_10205575277726710_5400675887488967144_n 12115550_10205575288366976_6350635256398279225_n 12115736_10205575272806587_1347318754860388949_n 12118743_10205575274526630_6582198627937711171_n

You can donate by bank, Еpay or PayPal at this link.
We thank you and believe you will help them out!
They deserve to sleep under the table, run on green grass and have a tiny blond kid to love each one!

12120074_10205575286446928_4611789145417664708_o 12140843_10205575271806562_6555407500317012926_n 12143262_10205575273806612_4983025245309193608_n 12122639_10205575294647133_4660121535854637919_n 12144904_10205575271486554_6464508822875191642_n

22 October 2015 | Blog

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