Before and After – BOGI!

21 October 2015 | Blog

People, do you remember Bogi? A young boy who received great support from you for his leg treatment this Spring???

When we introduced him to you, this is what he looked like:

BOGI bogi3

A lot of money was needed so d-r Zlatinov can put him back together. It seemed like we will not be able to provide him a pain-free life, but as usual when we are pessimistic – we were wrong. You did your magic once again and a little over 500E were collected for his surgeries and stay at the CVC.

A lot of time has passed, d-r Zlatinov and we really fought for a success, and not to mention Bogi’s efforts. The wonderful and kind-hearted boy gave his all and the results are visible. Here he is, dear friends, and the happiness you see in him is a gift he received from you!!!

21 October 2015 | Blog

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