A week ago our new buddy Nayden asked for your help – and you answered, dear friends! We thank everyone that sent their donation so we can get better food for our heroes.

Special thanks go to our colleagues Gergana and Beat Senn from Tierhilfe Sofia in Switzerland! They sent our puppies 700 kilos of high-quality kibble and settled their feeding problem for this month in the most excellent way.


Another 10 bags of premium dog food were brought to the shelter by a kind lady this weekend, we are very sorry that we didn’t write down a name for this donation (please, if you are reading this, send us a note, we want to thank you in person), also we got 8 smaller packages from volunteers who came to walk our enthusiasts in the weekend.

We are always in dire need of dog food. And most of all we need good food for the babies, the oldest and the sick animals we care for. Our monthly consumption is huge and now in the winter we really need to give them the good stuff to keep them healthy and warm.

Please, have in mind that we are overwhelmed with puppies, and although the bus has been making several trips each of the last months – we still have many pups waiting – at the shelter, in foster homes, yards and etc. We thank you for your huge help! The animals really appreciate it.

nayden (e)

And as for this hero – he has already put on weight! And if you decide to come test our new exercise yards (yards!? What yards!?) this weekend – you will see a difference already!

21 October 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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