2012, Autumn

They named me Dobri, because it means “Good” and I am a good dog. I used to have another name before, I also used to have a human, who told me he’ll be there for me forever… But probably forever lasts about 5 years… Or I did something wrong. Yes, must be that – my human was good, probably I did something so wrong that he had to abandon me here…


Few das later
My human hasn’t come back for me yet. I am hungry, lonely and it is so cold. I wonder – may be my human forgot he had to be there for me forever…

Few days more

Actually, it is not that bad. There are three of us – me, Sarah and Kremena. Sarah and Kremena have a human friend and she brings them food. The good thing – she gives me food as well. Bad thing – I still don’t know what have I done so my human left me…

2013, Spring

I am still here, at the parking. A lot of people come here. Some give us food, others kick us. The worst thing is you never know who is a feeder and who – a kicker.

2013, Autumn
Kremena died. A car hit her. Sarah told me not to cry – she said now Kremena is at a better place, where humans don’t lie they will love you forever and don’t pretend they’ll give you bread, but kick you instead…

2014, Spring

Sara is sick. But very, very sick, she cannot even walk any more.


Dobri and Sarah are sick

I am also sick. At least, we’ll die together and together we’ll go to the place with the nonlying humans.

Our human friend came and saw we are sick. She called another human, I think his name was Thepeoplefromtheshelter. In a while Thepeoplefromtheshelter came. He said we have distemper and must be treated. I wonder what that means.


Me and Sarah – we are at a very nice place, they call it fosterhome. This is where Thepeoplefromtheshelter lives. It is warm and nice here, but I wish I wasn’t so sick.


Sarah died…. I feel so sad and I cry, when Thepeoplefromtheshelter goes to work.

He is a human too, but when I hear him coming, my heart starts beating happily. And I told it – Stupid heart! He is a human, and humans lie! He will also abandon you! But it beats happily still. Stupid heart!

May, 2014

Wow. I am really not smart. Now I understood what “People” is, and what is “Shelter”. We are 200 dogs here! And it is nice – we have food, love, volunteers! And now I know one more thing. Those people that lie you, and kick you, and kill you – they are humans. And the ones that care and love, the good ones – they are Humans. So, there is a difference…

Dobri and Kayo (the dog behind) in “The Farm”

2014, Autumn

The people from the shelter say that they will find a Human for me. And I will have a home of my own! And toys, and even a bed! But, a bed of my own, not one I share with Kayo and he chews it all the time! It will be like everyday is weekend and it is always my turn to be with the volunteers!

2015, Spring

I am a star now! Some girls came and the people from the shelter said “Take Dobri, he is good and the geese will be safe!” and voila! I am starring in a calendar! Now the people from the shelter say I will soon have my Humans!


2015, Autumn
So, the situation now is the following. I am writing this from a strange place, they call it Holland. My Humans from the shelter came one day and said – Come on, Dobri, you are going home!” And I wondered, because my home was the “Farm” and I was already there! But it wasn’t exactly like that!


Dobri in Holland!


It is a big far away, my home. I traveled, and traveled. But when we got there – wow! It is clean and nice and perfect! And I have my own Humans!
So, if the Humans from the shelter can’t read, let them know – Dobri is well and happy! And says a huge “Thank you!”.

P.S. By the way, I do have one complaint. Kayo is also here, and he still chews my bed!
12165878_10153235462393947_408380754_n(and Kayo in Holland…)

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