Hello, my name is Nayden (Found).
It’s cause they found me. I used to have many names before, but I like this one – they call me with my favorite of voices. The voice that warms up even the saddest of hearts – a voice of a human, filled with love.


I am new in all this (it’s only my third day at the shelter), but my roommates chose me to tell you, cause they say you will believe me, cause I still look like the place we come from and they don’t, and cause I can’t say no to them – here I am…

Dear kind people, will you help us buy better food?
Not just for me, but for the others as well. I thought I was worse off than anyone, but now that I’ve been here and with everything I saw and heard – I am just one of many,

There are sick babies here, and they need something very special to eat. And also sceletons like myself who also need it. And old dogs need it too. And also healthy dogs whose winter is coming, they too need it.

Please, help us buy better food!
There is some truck with good food that has just expired and they say it’s just what we need except wer don’t have the money to buy it.

Every day we here eat 200kg of food. And 60kg of it is for the babies and they need only the best, but that’s finished too.  And now they have taken in so many ill babies… And especially those who poop all the time eat all the time and to be hones I have no idea how these humans manage….

CLICK HERE to donate for us or if you want – come visit us and bring a bag of kibble, we promise you a noisy welcoming.
But please, please, don’t forget us.
Because we have no one else to ask.
You are the good guys.


14 October 2015 | The Farm Newsflash

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