It has been a great week!
We were a bit worried, while expecting it to come, but now we can say the visit of Andrew and Donna from Dogs trust, was not only useful for our dogs and staff, but also a great pleasure and time, spent with friends!

Dogs trust is the largest animal welfare charity in UK, founded in 1891 (can you imagine?). Each year they care for around 16 000 dogs in their 20 rehoming centres.
Last year Dogs trust found new homes for 14 895 dogs!


Andrew and Donna are dog carers. Unlike the dog carers in Bulgaria, who mainly clean and feed the dogs, their job is mostly to communicate with the dogs and to make their stay in the shelter better.

During their week here, they showed us the importance of the enrichment and how to make the dogs’ lives better, without spending money or waste time.


The dogs were extremely happy to stay busy! Even old cardboxes kept them entertained for hours…


All dogs enjoyed the “ice-cream” Donna and Andrew made for them!


Every time when a human enters into the puppy kennels, all puppies  jump over him… Can you believe the results of only few minutes of encouraging the good behaviour?
The only thing they did was giving treats to puppies that don’t jump. Very soon the puppies understood and just sat there, waiting for their treat…

Plastic bottle, full of dry food? Even the old dogs played for hours, while taking out the food from the bottles! And it was not, because they were hungry – you can see the exact same food in the bowls. They just wanted to play!

We must admit it – we do everything to keep the dogs healthy and well fed, but we sometimes forget to ask ourselves a very important question – are our dogs happy? Do they have something new and interesting in their lives?

Thank you, dear Donna and Andrew, for this wonderful week!
Thank you for the lessons and for the fact you made 200 dogs so happy! And we promise – from now on, we will ask this question every day!

And we truly hope to welcome you here again!

30 August 2015 | Blog

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