New life for Rina and Idi!

19 August 2015 | Blog

They both were wonderful, 2-3 years old ladies, when we took them from the Municipal dog pond in Seslavtzi in 2010…


We never thought they will stay with us for long – such good, young, lovable and adorable dogs should be adopted very fast.

Yet now, in 2015 they were still here – still good, lovable and adorable, but no longer very young.

Rina, 7-8 years old. Five of them she spent with us, in a shelter…



And Idi, 7-8 years old, five of them she spent with us, in a shelter…




Similar fate, isn’t it? Even more, than you think, because today was the very first day of the “Farm”, without them…

After so many years of waiting, they finally left for good!
Farewell, girls! We know Germany will be better mother country for you!

19 August 2015 | Blog

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