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04 June 2015 | Blog

We have started the “Teach me!” campaign with some worries – is it going to stress the dog, are there going to be enough candidates for teachers and, of course – is it going to succeed and help for finding a home for Max…

We want to thank all the people who helped Max to get used to be a pet!
We were wrong to worry – Max was delighted to go in different homes for a while, and was excited and happy when he used to come back – as he wanted to tell us all about the wonderful new places he saw!

So, what did Max Learn, thanks to you, dear teachers?

He learned that leaving the shelter is not scary! The opposite – it meant he’ll have great fun!


He learned to sleep late – thing that never happened to him in the shelter!


He learned that kids are humans, too!


He learned to sleep on a coach and even more – to share it with a cat!


He learned what “selfie” is…


Learned the smell of a barbeque!


And learned what human’s beds are made for!

And after his stay at his teachers’ homes, the only question they were asking was : “Why isn’t Max adopted? He is amazing!

Well, dear teachers, probably he was waiting for all of you, to become an unforgetable part of his life!

We know we must thank you, for changing his life and the best way to make it this:
What it this, you might ask? Just one really bad photo of Max?
And we’ll answer – No, dear teachers. This photo shows why you shared your time and love with Max.
Because, thanks to you, Max is already home! He is now a pet!

04 June 2015 | Blog

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