Two lovely boys ask you for a moment of attention.
Funds are needed for their treatment and the situation is really not good.
Please, don’t pass them by, dear friends.


He came to us in great pain. Covered in blood, with a badly broken jaw and pelvis, the little boy was screaming so horribly that the rest of the shelter became totally silent.


His story: Charlie is a Shih-Tzu, about 3 y.o. People saw his getting dumped by a car at a large parking lot, and later in the day people saw him get ran over by a car on the same parking lot.

End of story for some, but this little hero appeared in our shelter and then a little later at the Central Vet Clinic surgery room.

It was an urgent operation, and because of the many fractures and complicity we couldn’t estimate the surgery costs. Oh! A successful operation, how great! Thank you d-r Voychev! How nice for Charlie! How much!?!?! (Silence.)


Charlie’s bill has gone up to 820BGN (410E). We will not mention how much we owe for other animals already, but it’s a fact – this concludes our credit limit and it is now impossible to show orselves at the good doctors’ unless we pay up at least a part of our debt.

Charlie’s post-op examination is supposed to be on Tuesday, please – help us cover at least part of his bill before that time, so the boy can smile, drink, eat and give us kisses…


He’s been like this for 3 years. Folded in 5 by a heavy spine trauma, with pains only imaginable to a person that broke their back, day after day our Rene wandered around the city looking and feeling like this.

Some doctor said “this is due to a vaccination”… ? And Rene couldn’t tell the people who fed him how much it hurts and how badly he suffers. He would drag about his useless legs, surviving and hour for hour.

You can see his condition for yourself, dear friends. Currently, there is no way for the shelter to spend any more money on him. We have so far performed a mielography with d-r Vasilev, it costs 200BGN (100E). It’s a lot of money for a test, but we needed to know if he has any chance to be helped or this is a permanent condition. The doctor said a lot can be done, but he needs more tests, a surgery perhaps – we haven’t even paid anything so far.

rene (1) rene (4)

You see what kind of soul Rene is. Despite the pain, despite the humiliation, despite the hunger and the thirst, he thinks it’s good to be with people and it’s bad not to be – it’s all as simple as that to him. Rene really deserves every little penny of help, on his behalf, and also ours, we ask you: please, help him live without pain, let us put him back together so he can find his people. He has deserved this so many times already…


You can donate for Rene and Charlie through PayPal or by bank following THIS LINK.

Every little help counts!!!


Currently, ARSofia is not supposed to be functioning. Presumably, we should just care for the dogs we couldn’t rehome before the closing of Bogrov shelter, whilst we struggle to make the Farm a nice place, build the clinic, struggle with reconstruction funding…

That’s if we were all only rational. And we are not. We try not to complain – The Farm is our dream come true and we will fight for it to become the best place for the dogs with all our power. But the situation is not just flowers and roses. We are in the midst of a colossal reconstruction, fighting hard for every penny, applying for every sort of funding available on the planet, nearly finished with the major works of a real clinic… Meanwhile we are still rehoming 60-70 dogs every month, taking care of the dogs we have, finding way to help others… It’s all OK and we do manage with the help of so many wonderful people who want this place to exist.

The big bumps come when there are unexpected expenses – the injured animals which we’re not supposed to be taking on. Our so-called “office” is constantly filled with poor souls to whom a “NO” from us would mean simply “DIE!”. And when their bills are so high – how to endamage all the other animals on the count of only one? To spend the money we have for food next month? Or the puppy vaccines money??? When decisions like this have to be made, the rational decisions tend to also be very cruel. But even unwanted souls like Rene and Charlie deserve their chance, don’t they? Nothing more – a chance to let you look into their eyes and decide their fate instead of us.

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28 May 2015 | Blog

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  1. Aleida

    When the puppy’s are adopted who I have in foster for adoption, I can pay part of the bill for Charley, as soon as he is recoverd he can come in foster with me in Holland. I will find him a good home then.

  2. cara-vania

    Dear friends,
    First of all I want to see you smile… Because my English is bad…
    So, please donate a little for our friends in the Farm.
    I like Rene very mutsch! I am shure he is in good care in the Farm and his tail becomes fatter and fatter.
    It is remarcable how the tails of the dogs becomes stronger in good care. I have seen this having dogy babys to foster. There was a little one named Pantscho. I called him Pantschez. When he came to me, his tail was thin like the one of a mouse. Getting weller and quietter his tail became fatter and stronger. This was remarcable to see.
    So please donate for our tails in the Farm, so loved by us all!
    Kind regards!

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