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20 May 2015 | Blog


This is a story you won’t see in the headlines.

No paper would publish in huge letters:

– SENSATIONAL! Stray dog saves baby and becomes paralyzed!

– READ ALL ABOUT IT! Sunny, the hero-mother speaks!

– VIDEO! Amazing Sunny makes her first steps in a wheelchair!

No way.

Sunny and her only surviving baby – Bibi

And yet, we recommend you to spare a couple of minutes for a short lesson in valor with an unusual teacher – a small homeless dachshund mix. Little Sunny.

1.  Point  one – always know what is most important to you.

I am not what you would call a brave dog. Not at all, I was scared to death when the Alien let his dog off the leash to attack us.

I think I’ve never been as scared in my life. Only I felt that the biggest fear I had is that the Alien might destroy my children.

Yes, he did crush me, and I will never walk again… he did take my other babies, but I still have Bibi, don’t I? If my daughter is alive and breathing in this world – than it was all worth it, then I won.

2. Point two – trust your friends.

When Master threw me out of the car I couldn’t get it, but one time a boy gave me his sandwich! The whole of it! And I knew – this is what real people are like!

I can recognize them instantly. There are two kinds:
– the kind that will give you their sandwich;
– and the kind that doesn’t know how to do it yet.

The ones that haven’t learned yet shouldn’t be bothered, because they think you are making fun of them by asking – they haven’t learnt how to be kind yet and get very offended, some even scream and kick!

But when I saw the shelter people I could immediately smell the sandwich – right away I recognized them! In the beginning it hurt a little and now I am still getting used to the bike, but I can tell they are The Good Kind, not the Alien one. I can tell by the sandwich.



Sunny on her new bicycle

3. Point three – trust in the Good Force.

I heard my sandwich people talking. The Smart told the Good that she doesn’t know how they will find me a Fosterhom (?), because I am on a bike and will never be able to walk again.

Now, it’s the easiest thing for me to start thinking that I am the most pathetic, ugly, looser, cripple dog, right? And it will sort of become true if I start believing it, won’t it?

But here’s how I see things. Many sandwich people will read this. Some are with cheese, others with ham, some are toasted, others come in bites… But they are all The Good kind of humans. I can’t believe there isn’t even one Sandwich with a Fosterhom reading… Could it be you???


Little Sunny now has her wheelchair. She is doing her best and she can have a future. But only if the circumstances are right.

Currently the shelter cannot offer Sunny a normal life. So, whilst we are desperately looking for a home where this gentle soul will finally receive the love she deserves, we need a good foster family to care for her.

call +359 879 022 675 or come to the Farm directly.

If you can help Sunny – do it.
She is a true little hero, no matter how insignificant a dog’s life in the village of Doganovo is to the world…


20 May 2015 | Blog

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