What do you think happens, if you see an animal in danger and you call 112? We know the answer – they give you our number. It happened twice this Saturday.

The first call we received in the morning – someone heard a kitten, crying for help from a pipe.
When on spot, our team(Svetlio and the volunteers Kalin and Eva) found out the pipe was too narrow, even for a hand.

The kitten was crying loud from inside, two other kittens were near the pipe, panicked.


Svetlio borrowed this gadget – a wire with a camera at the end, to locate the kitten.

Once he found out where exactly the kitten was


he managed to take it out with a rope:



Finally, the small hero is saved!

We took all three of them – leaving them there wasn’t an option.


While we were looking for a foster home for the three sweethearts, another signal was received – this time for puppies.

The kitten has probably fell by itself. But the puppies… They were put in this hole on purpose – there was a cover over it…


Svetlio entered inside:

And took out 7 puppies…
But it was not over – there was another one, who got scared and escaped deeper. So, Svetlio had to crawl more than 20 meters in this hole with hot water pipes, where was narrow and terribly hot…
But at the end, the fugitive was also caught!
Good job, rescuers!

19 May 2015 | Blog

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