In a month or so, we’ll finally have our clinic ready! It will be the biggest relief for us – to start working in normal conditions again, to have quarantine, to stop spending money on reconstructions…
Well, you know – we have never stopped working and taking in patients. Because sometimes “No” from us means “Death” for the animal.
We took these dogs, because they had no other options to receive medical care. But right now it is very hard time for us – taking care for the dogs in the shelter and and the reconstructions at the same time, was killing us slowly in the last year. The cabinet and the fridge with the medicines are empty – no medicines, not even one vaccine or microchip, and no money to buy new…

This is Rita. She is 9-10 years old and her skin condition got worse and worse during the years on the street while noone noticed her.

baba gonche predi (1)

Harry has diabetus. He needs his insulin injections and pills every day – his place is not on the street.


Ylithka (named after a dog with similar disease and look) came from Pernik. You can see why we couldn’t send her back on the street:

Ilit sega (5)

Maya has heartworm. Her treatment is almost finished, but if we stop now, everything already done will be in vane.

Maya (1)


Masha was found on the highway. She has been starving for so long, that now can’t eat normally. We make her liguid food and give her vitamins and immune stimulators. One day we’ll have to think of her probably broken paw, but in her condition it is too early for future plans.


To continue their treatment in the next month we’ll need at least 500 levs for medicines. But we don’t have it. Can you help?

Please, donate if you want to support our rescue work – for these patients and for others, which will come and the lack of money could mean death for them…
Help us to help them!

14 May 2015 | Blog

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