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28 April 2015 | Blog

It is not a secret that the adopted dogs over the age of one year old, are ten times less than the adopted puppies. And if we take out from the number of the adopted adults (not old dogs, just not-babies) with a breed, it is an appalling statistics.

Adopting an adult dog has many advantages. Here are only few of them:
1. There are no surprises in growth: When you adopt a puppy you have no idea how big will it grow and how it will look. When we adopt an adult dog, we know all about it.


2. You can not mess things much: Inexperienced adopters too often somehow manage to take a social 3 months old puppy baby and after a couple of years they give us back a biting sociopath, convinced that the fault is not theirs. Actually, a puppy becomes the dog you make. When taking an adult with a complete character, it is much easier.

Max (9) (1)

3. Adult dogs don’t chew the furniture and pee on the carpet – even when they have spent their entire life on the street or in a shelter, they learn to keep clean in the house in a day or two (compared with the months, needed for the puppies).

4. The risk of bad surprises of genetic diseases decreases – most of them develop before the second year of the dog. Also, the risk of infectious disease, such as parvovirus, decrease dramatically.


5. Adult dogs are grateful. Yes, it is a fact. A puppy won’t remember anything of its life on the street (and thank God for this), but for the adopted adult you will always be a superhero, more than Batman!


But in this case, why the rate of adoptions of adult dogs is so low? Here are some (and again, not all) reasons:

  1. Most people think an adult won’t love them as much as a puppy. But, as we saw above, it is not true.
    And why shall we be something else, if we can be Batman?
  2. Most people think a dog that lived only on the streets or in a shelter cannot get used to be a pet.
    Also not true. Adopted adults are great pets!
  3. Adult dogs cannot be as sweet as a puppy.
    Are you sure?11173463_10203950967756573_33006025_n

In “The Farm” at all the time we have about 170 adult dogs. About 20 of them are older than 10 years and we have already accepted they will never be adopted. About 20 are dogs with behavior problems and are not ready to go in a home yet. About 50 are the ones that will not spend a lot with us – small sized, breed dogs or very attractive dogs that will be adopted as soon as their quarantine time passes.

And what about the other 80 dogs?
The other 80 are wonderful, social and lovable dogs which spend year after year under the bars…


This is the reason we decided to ask for your help in our campaign “Teach me!”.

Teach me to be loved, teach me to live in a home, teach me to do different “pet”things! Make sweet photos of me on your coach or in the park, where I have never been! Take me on a walk on the mountains, check if I can travel by car or I get sick! Teach me to be a pet, and the people from “The Farm” will use everything you tell them about me, and find my forever friend!


We are looking for our teachers!
People, who would take the campaign dog at home for a day or two. People willing to communicate with the dog in a way impossible for us in a shelter.

It doesn’t sound much, but this is the only way for some dogs to stop being one of the many anf to turn into personalities, in which the adopters will see their very best friend!

The first dog in our “Teach me!” campaign is Max (all photos in this article are of Max). You may know him, he was a star in our wonderful calendar this year.


He came in the shelter 3 years ago, and at that time he was only 20 days old!

Max loves people, loves other dogs, loves goats and sheep and pigs! Max loves life!

Please, become one of the teachers of Max! Write us at office@arsofia.com or call 0879022675!
Dear friends, you are the best chance of Max! Teach him!


28 April 2015 | Blog

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  1. Marinka

    Max is bij mij, in Almelo. Hij heeft een vriendje waarmee hij heel graag speelt. Vraag gerust naar foto’s! 😀

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