It all started like this:

Stephan was in need of operation of his paws to walk normal and without pain.
Jorje was shot and kicked – as a result needed surgery for his broken spine and leg.

Stephan was successfully operated, and now you can’t even say he was once almost disabled!
And the better news – he is no longer with us! He was adopted by Lora Ivanova and Anton Terziyski.

And here he is at home!

During the walks – playful and healthy doggy!

Well, this is from where everything good follows!

His friend in the troubles, the cat Jorje gets better after the surgery as well!
He is still waiting for his people to come, but at least waits in a foster home!

It all happened, because of the good people, who donated for the happiness of Stephen and Jorje!
Thank you!
If you want to help us helping animals like them, please, donate! Funds are desperately needed!

23 April 2015 | Blog

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