They’ve been with us for quite some time, but since they never caused or had problems, you probably never heard of Astra or Apollo. Both have been with us since they were tiny babies – sweet brown faces that were left unnoticed, hiding their true, loyal, kind hearts under a thick brown coat. Astra and Apollo are both very lucky and despite being invisible all these years – they can now boast their Dutch citizenship to you!

You know that we cannot send dogs abroad legally until we have finished with the reconstruction of our dog building where the animals will be housed permanently and legally. Until then we are counting on motivated adopters from abroad and most of all – the kindness and big hearts of local adopters. When Hagit Hevi wrote us from Holland, willing to adopt two of our heroes – we had to disappoint her. We explained how things with the road are and that we cannot promise to be able to send the dogs to her anytime in the near future. We never thought she would get in her car and come to the Farm to pick up her dogs in person!


So, completely unexpected and out of the blue, without making arrangements, asking questions, where we are, how to reach us, how to travel, where to sleep – no questions asked – the incredibly sweet Hagit showed up at the Farm in her car – especially to choose and bring home two little Bulgarians to their Dutch home!

For a few days at the Farm Hagit chose two wonderful animals who had very little chances otherwise – the internally lovely, but externally lonely Astra and Apollo. They are not related, it just so happened that they both got cosmic names – kind, sweet, clever, faithful dogs who have sat in their cages un-noticed for years. Both were long-prepared for the journey, jumped willingly into Hagit’s car and… sailed off to their newly found happiness!!!

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01 June 2014 | Blog

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    Dear Mrs HaGit Havi, thank you and God bless you!

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